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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting Closer to Bonnie

Sounds like a comedic love story. Cute heroine, blonde streaks in her hair... wears seashells like hair clips and hot pink flip flops. Will she find love in the Bahamas or take a quick flight out of FLL to Nola? Stay tuned.... she's got a luggage filled with fruity, floral scented body sprays from Victoria Secrets and she is ready to party.

And, so am I.

Well, tomorrow is my brother Ronnie's birthday and I have tried to arrange with the weather powers that be to give Ronnie Bonnie for his birthday :) He is a weather freak by nature or nurture or maybe it's just in our DNA. Still wondering if we are somehow related to Stephanie Abrams as we are all old Florida Abrams but can wonder on that another day lol. Today, tonight is for watching Bonnie try and pull herself together.

She's got vorticity, the shear is dropping and she has a real look about her. Of course her pressure isn't exactly dropping.

Life is a crap shoot and weather is even more of a crap shoot. More like playing poker out on the porch and either you got no wind or the chips are flying in the breeze.

South Florida would still be her first stop IF she forms. Then onto the other Gulf States near La and Ms.. time will tell.

The 8PM EDT data for the invest was a very approximate....
19.8N 68.5W
30 knots
1012 mb

For now all she is ... is an invest which stands for area being investigated. A lot like playing fantasy cane online... no I don't think there is an APP for the iphone but there should be if there isn't.

Stay tuned... IF she develops we are talking Friday or Friday night in Miami... Ft. Lauderdale maybe... time will tell and so will I.

Besos Bobbi
ps.... this is pretty close in and as soon as it finds a center it should pop. We are not at 2am at 70% chance and I have been told (off the record) that I will have tropical storm conditions in about 2 days so if so... Bonnie better stop playing possum and show herself so that the powers that be can give the proper heads up to those of us living along the Southeast coast of Florida and the Florida Keys.


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