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Friday, April 16, 2010

Volcanic Ash Disrupts Flights... What Next? (Ginn bites the dust....)

Yes, here at Hurricane Harbor we are continuing covering the Year of Geology and Earth Science, that is what 2010 may most be remembered for... Earth Gone Wild...

A volcano in Iceland is now responsible for days of travel delays and flier frustration. It has also continued to vent and the eruption continues...
A good articles below:

Relevant paragraph is this one below:

"Vulcanologists say the ash could cause problems to air traffic for up to six months if the eruption continues. The financial impact on airlines could be significant."

We aren't talking Star Trek guys.

This is a possible, serious problem.

It has been said it is costing 200 Million Dollars a DAY and it is not going away so fast.

Flights have been canceled across parts of England and Northern Europe, military air travel has been disrupted... that's a big story, bigger I think than is being talked about. It is being talked about as if it was merely an inconvenience for world travelers and yet it affects commerce, financial circles and potentially could become a bigger problem if there were any sort of terrorist problem or political situation.

After 911 flights were cancelled by governments, by the situation and flights "could" take off.. with this situation which is the largest cancellation of flights since 911 flights CANNOT take off which is vastly different.

A good article explaining the bigger picture is:

Great link to watch the air flow across Northern Europe ...

On a personal level....

My daughter is in Israel right now, she will not be traveling back until next week. After the tragic death of the President of Poland and most of his entire cabinet and advisers I figured what else could happen that would be out of the blue and unseen. Now the plume from a Volcano in Iceland rears its ugly head as a something else I need to worry on. Well, mothers tend to worry in general but this gets more bizarre by the moment.

According to Drudge the Prime Minister of Norway is working out of JFK on an IPAD. Good thing he's not in Israel or they would have confiscated and it would have been in customs. Seems Israel has issues with IPADS, who knew... Well Wall Street Journal knew, that's why we read it..

Truth is as Lex Luthor always knew the person that controls weather will control the world. This problem with the Volcanic Ash illustrates this better than any I can think of as... it has shut down parts of the world and cost a fortune and it is one isolated incident that could continue for an unknown amount of time. Talk about an intangible in life... Volcanoes, BOOM... PSSTT Ash...

Last time a vent in a volcano in Iceland caused this much trouble was a few centuries ago before we had to worry on air travel and air plane engines. But, it did affect the world's weather for the next year and meteorological minds are currently debating that very topic currently.

How much can this ONGOING Ash Episode affect this summer's weather, hurricane season and next winter's weather. Hey, it's what we do ... we worry on how everything will affect the 2010 Hurricane Season... no one wonders more than meteorologists. Mothers worry, meteorologists wonder...

Who can forget the memorable, campy Superman III movie with Richard Pryor?? Lex Luthor was no dummy, he was always aware if you control weather... you can control the world. I imagine if he could have made volcanoes erupt or hurricanes blow he would be able to run rampant until Superman comes to save Planet Earth. This year with earthquakes and cyclones and volcanoes oh my... all popping around the world at the same time I am beginning to think we need Superman for this coming Hurricane Season.

And someday soon we will segue from geology into the other brother in the family of Earth Science... meteorology or more specifically tropical meteorology.

And as for the tropics... pattern in the Gulf of Mexico is I think interesting as we are just a little over a month away from this Atlantic Hurricane Season.

For now... keep watching Planet Earth as she is putting on one hell of a show this Year of 2010, this year of Earth Science On a Continuous Wild Rampage...

And, for Miami Dolphin fans... the year Ginn was finally traded or sent off packing...


At 8:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

is it true tha tif the volanic ashes come here towards the USA, it will be less of a chance for hurricanes to develope, due to colder climate?? from Florida

At 12:17 AM, Anonymous Lucy said...

It's really great idea. People have a right to expect that the air they breathe will not harm them uk airspace ban should become a national event for a week one a year.

manmade problems


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