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Monday, March 22, 2010

Let's Keep Hurricane Forecasting at the National Hurricane Center!

In 2008 Nikki the psychic predicted Miami and South Beach would be basically wiped out and gone with the Storm Surge. This is why we rely on the National Hurricane Center for our hurricane and weather predictions. They did NOT predict South Beach would be blown away by a wild hurricane in 2008!!

"Wild Weather Predictions

"A giant tornado in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. More fires covering most of California because of the Santa Ana Winds with even drier conditions in 2008 including Los Angeles. A wild hurricane season in the Caribbean and Florida including a category five hurricane wiping out parts of Miami and South Beach, and a hurricane that moves towards New York and Toronto, Canada."

As for the weather mongers, they are all out there this season, all over the place waiting for the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season to begin.

Basically, no matter who you listen to, you will hear that the Atlantic is warming up and just waiting for tropical trouble as the El Nino that has brought the South the Winter Wonderland of 2010 is about to let go of his previously tight grip and go back to where he came from just in time to rock and roll in the tropics.

Well, will see. Time will tell. Not sure it's time to put on the Jimmy Buffett CD just yet, though anytime is a good time for Jimmy Buffett.

My own predictions would probably be that I wouldn't be surprised to see a more active Cape Verde season than we have had in the past. Longer trackers. You know, like a bonus two CD :)

It has been a year of extremes and there are many reasons to believe that this Hurricane Season will have some shockers and some headline grabbers.

Earthquakes, blizzards and now the suddenly active Eyjafjallajokull Volcano in Iceland. Looks what's peeking up through the snow and ice...

Good blog:

Good Article:

Salient Point: "Eyjafjallajökull has erupted three times since the settlement of Iceland in the 9th century AD, in 920, 1612 and 1821. All three eruptions were rather small but caused flooding. However, there is a short distance to Katla, Einarsson said, which is a powerful and vicious volcano, reports."

My point being, part of living on Planet Earth is surprises and things geological and meteorological that rock our world. Three times in 920, 1612 and 1821. Try predicting volcanic eruptions and you might want to move on to the Lotto. Try predicting which city will be wiped off the face of the earth with a Category Five storm surge and you might want to try your luck picking the numbers for Powerball!

It ain't easy.

The National Hurricane Center does a bang up job of it!

And, though I read Joe Bastardi and a lot of bloggers and mets around the web writing their thoughts the bottom line is always the National Hurricane Center.

Until June 1st, 2010 it is all conjecture, smoke and mirrors and fancy pronouncements on how wild and wet a ride this Atlantic Hurricane Season will be. Until I see some clouds pulling together, forming into little tropical disturbances and threatening to develop low pressure it's all just part of the game.

How many hurricanes will we have?
How many majors?
How many will make landfall?

This is what tropical meteorologists do in March of 2010, that and watch volcanoes erupt in Iceland.

And, hey... Bobbi Storm CAN read tropical minds and will tell you this:

Every time a tropical met reads a story about a volcano erupting in Iceland they think, I wonder if we were to have a big eruption at Soufriere Hills how it might effect a strong, westbound Cape Verde Hurricane.

Trust me, you can bank money on that one. They might also look up any info on the hurricane seasons of 1612 and 1821 for possible analog years!


As for me, moving on to Passover where I will be spending time with children who live in various parts of the world and cleaning, cooking and reading up on some good meteorological emails and journals.

Spent the weekend in Wrightsville Beach and it was not very tropical, can't wait to see my beach again ... which I will soon. Working my way back home one beach at a time. Nice Chabad House if anyone is looking for a place to spend the Jewish Sabbath in Wilmington, beautiful.

As for me I predict less snow in the New York City Region this coming April, azaleas to be blooming in Atlanta, Dogwood about to bloom in the Carolinas, the cold temperatures of the last few weeks about to be a part of the history books in Miami where my brother will start complaining about humidity and traffic and afternoon thundershowers. Blue skies in the Florida Keys. The Royal Poinciana in front of my family's old home will open up and cover the sky with crimson and bits of blue peeking through. Those are predictions you can count on, put em in the bank. The Winter of 2010 will let go in the same way that El Nino will let go and soon the tropical trades winds will start to blow and we will see what they will bring this hurricane season.

Besos Bobbi

Ps...for now winter still is holding on to her Icy Grip. See the storm system that is moving East into the Southeast and Mid Atlantic:


At 4:46 AM, Blogger DearMissMermaidDotCom said...

Great post! I've been hurricane forecasting on the Tortola page of StormCarib.Com with my Crystal Ball for 10+ years *giggle*. Of course we haven't had a bad hurricane in years, in the Virgin Islands. Shame too, cause we have great hurricane parties...

Dear Miss Mermaid
Author of
"Hurricanes and Hangovers(and Other tall tales and Loose Lies from the Coconut Telegraph)"


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