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Monday, March 15, 2010

Cyclone Tomas Does Fiji - Live Coverage Link Below

If you have ever wanted to go to Fiji for a vacation, honeymoon or leave the troubles of the world far, far away? Today, is not the day to spend in Fiji as they are bracing for a Category 4 storm that is hitting as I type this blog.

Beautiful picture in blues and greens but not of palm trees but of twin storms and the one furthest to the right is Tomas and Tomas is causing trouble in Fiji today. The one not doing Fiji is named ULUI.

See, even paradise has it's problems.

Personally, I've always wanted to sleep in one of those huts over the water and just stare out at all the blue. No one is sleeping or staring right now as they take cover and brace for the storm. The main island should be safer than some of the outer islands.

I figured with a bona fide tropical news story I would blog on that today vs the storm in the North East that is just the latest in a string of strong storms and trying to squeeze in something tropical before another earthquake hits somewhere.

One thing I do want to complain about only briefly is that when you have a treacherous situation outside be it in the Northeast or New England it is a no brainer to stay inside, hunker down and wait for the storm to pass. And, as someone who has chased storms.. if I say that... y'all should listen. There is no reason to be out in the line of fire under some 70 year old tree that can fall on you and deprive your family of their father or son or brother. And, people have died as they just had to go out for something, somewhere rather than waiting patiently a few more hours or even a day. Storm chasers stalk out their storm, they study the geography and know where to set up to safely view and photograph the storm, they are experienced and professional. We have a wonderful National Weather Service that issues warnings and alerts and there just is no reason to no pay attention to said warnings and do what people do in storms... run from the water, hide from the wind.
We are so lucky to have professional mets who spend their time watching the globe from every angle and issuing warnings for the public safety, heed those warnings please!

Now, for anyone who wants to watch continuous coverage of the deadly cyclone pinwheeling around in circles is provided on Jim William's excellent Hurricane City. Incredible live feed from a local radio station there with classic rock interspersed with a very calm man with a strong accent explaining how to seek refuge from the storm. A must for hurricane lovers in any basin.

Great coverage and so like Jim to provide a link on You learn a lot about a place from their music, oldies go figure. The 80s seem to be alive and kicking in Fiji. A great sense of humor, they keep playing Ground Control to Major Tom.

As for me... letting Tomas spin on my laptop this morning as I try and recover from a mild case of the flu or something with fever and try and make some sense of Passover while Tomas passes over Fiji.

Besos Bobbi


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