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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Volcano in the Caribbean... Snow in Atlanta, Augusta and Across the South...

Well, shut my mouth as my Grandma used to say. I mentioned Natural Disasters and the lack of any volcanoes and wouldn't you know it... Soufriere Hills volcano erupts. A very active volcano in our part of the world.. Western Hemisphere..

The picture above is the cloud from the eruption showing up on satellite imagery.

Another good pic and excellent link to keep is below:

Another good link shown below, but only good if you view this Thursday Evening. You might want to bookmark it though for the next time it erupts. It shows the cloud rushing off to the east... whoosh...

This story is being covered throughout the media and on which is always one of the best places around to follow weather or geological weather news in the Caribbean.

This is again, a geologically active site and an ongoing situation. You can read up on it at wiki or any number of sites online.

As for the world of weather..

Is it just me or are other people getting tired of TWC's constant use of
FEBRUARY FURY??? Enough already, can we get a little more creative...

The schools are closed in Dallas and snow is possible in Pensacola tonight. The snow storm is moving west along I-10 and to the north of it... Mississippi, Mobile, Atlanta and up towards Columbia... possibly parts of North Carolina depending on which forecaster is right and which one is wrong.

Augusta is in the path of the snow and a good friend of mine, may get enough to make a snowball and throw it at someone :),%20GA%20-%202-4%20inches%20of%20snow%20tomorrow...

So.... enjoy some family time if you are off work tomorrow somewhere or have children home from school.. Take pics, throw snow balls, enjoy it and years from now you will look back at the Winter of 2010 as the year it snowed almost everywhere in the USA... From Florida to Maine and across most of the country snow has fallen and given us all a reminder of what winter is all about.

Stay warm and enjoy the music of the always incredible Jimmy Buffett!



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