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Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Flakes in the South, Snow in Mobile and the Coasts of Carolina??

Usually Down South when we see snow flakes they are used to decorate cakes or on a crocheted scarf... not in the air and on the ground. Cute pic from a cute blog online. Wondering if Godiva is making White Chocolate Snow Flakes for Valentines Day??

And, I keep wondering what the pirates hiding out down in the Bayou in that part of the country would have thought had snow started to fall from the sky back when?

How often does snow even threaten the area of Mobile Bay? Really rare..really rare.

Atlanta is like Raleigh, gets snow every once in a while. Augusta gets snow and then comes the Azalea blossoms of Spring.

But, a year when the Baltimore Area gets 31 inches and snow flakes fall on Alabama is rare indeed.

I think we should sit back, enjoy and take pics because we are not going into an Ice Age nor are we going into doing some crazy disaster movie neither.

This is indeed WEATHER gang.

Weather in all of it's glory. Dry one year, cresting rivers the next year. No hurricanes hit Miami in 20 years and then WHAM in your face Ma'am meet Sir Andrew. Then we get four or five in one year hitting Florida and the next five years they surf past Florida on their way to the Gulf of Mexico.

Weather changes. It is never constant, it is always in flow. The daily illustration on the ground of ongoing changes in the atmosphere up above.

Climate is the accumulation of weather records in the same way that it took a whole lot of snow to cover Baltimore in one season. It's the accumulation of the records of weather over the decades, over the centuries studied my meteorological scholars.. not astronomers or physicists and when those climatologists start coming into agreement on Global Warming or Cooling then you can all worry. And, I mean really worrying, not picking up a popular banner to gain government grants or to have books sold. You know how that goes, they say to put words like "Sex" "chocolate" or "Death" in a title and people will pick it up in Barnes and Noble. If you wanted to sell a book on nature over the last few years you needed to put in Global Warming, such as "Global Warming and How it Affects the Sex Lives of Starving Penguins" ... well you get the idea.

So as the first flakes of snow fall on Jeff Morrow in Mobile, Alabama I thought I'd post here something I found earlier while looking for information online about previous Deep South Snowfalls.

The song the Stars Fell on Alabama is about an event made memorable in Alabama history in 1833 when an amazing meteor shower fell across the state and became part of the folklore and stories told by old timers of when their Grandpa saw stars fall over Alabama. One of the beauties of Jimmy Buffett is his knowledge of folklore and literature that he weaves in and out of his ballads with gossamer threads that sound like guitar strings that make magical tunes that only Jimmy can create in a Ballad Buffett Majesty :)

Is that man amazing or what? If you love music and literature and history, you got to love Jimmy Buffett!

As for Jeff Morrow waiting in Mobile for a Category 1 SnowCane... the temperature has now fallen to 34 since he gave this report. The question is which would Jeff Morrow prefer to cover? A snow fall or a land fall?

The last time Mobile, Alabama got snow was in 1996. It does happen but it happens rarely so grab those coats and go outside and enjoy the snow flakes.

As for me I am planning on enjoying watching the snowflakes fall that may accumulate up to 3 inches round these parts. We seem to be on a line, just south of the heavy northern snows and north of the heavy southern snows. Maybe the Mason Dixie Line Should have been drawn between North Carolina and Virgina but that would be a meteorological line not a political one :)

And, for all of you people living in Baltimore and Raleigh who are whining how you moved away to Northern Cities like Buffalo and Poughkeepsie to get away from the snow. Well, you should have paid more attention in Geography and moved down to Tampa or Miami if what you wanted was year round sunshine...

Going to a Bar Mitzvah this weekend that was billed as "Deli and Dancing" and I plan to dance my little heart out. I would prefer "Sushi and Samba" like we do down in the tropics but hey... I'll take what I can get and always nice to celebrate happy times with good friends.

So... from up north ..down south... I'm wishing y'all a nice snowy weekend and enjoy your snow in Atlanta and that makes life easy for the crew at TWC to get good photo ops without going anywhere.

And, Charleston is next down the snowy road... as it seems it is possible that The Battery will be covered in snow tomorrow... as will Wilmington and some other Carolina Coastal cities.

Enjoy the winter of 2010 and maybe somewhere some child will remember it and write a beautiful song about it. Because once, long ago Jimmy Buffett was just a child dreaming of pirates and stars falling on Alabama like the rest of us except he wrote the words and music he heard in his head and made our world that much better.

Besos Bobbi

And... someone make sure Jeff's got some hot coffee down there and grab some Mardi Gras beads for me ;)


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