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Monday, February 15, 2010

Life Imitates Art

Sometimes it's just easier to give up... go with the flow... let Crazy Person drive my life. It's the sort of day I need to coast as I am very at lost ends.

There is no football. None. Not real football. I love football.

It's not yet Spring Training even and there are no Red Sox. I miss the Red Sox so much I read some bible blurb someone sent me while I was half asleep and I misread the part about the Red Sea and thought it was talking about the Red Sox. I immediately dumped out my coffee and made Cuban Coffee. Obviously, today is the type of day that calls for the Real Thing. Planning on drinking Coke today too... Coca Cola. It's a caffeine sort of day.

My son is lucky, he has NASCAR... I'm not that into NASCAR. It gets him through the dry period between football and baseball and the hurricane season.

As for me... I am studying up on Tampa. Planning on making a trip there soon and need some information. Note to Jay... if you read this... get me information!

And, as for the Olympics.. I'm just not an Olympic sort of person. I mean I turn on The Weather Channel for WEATHER not a Travel Channel and I don't want to hear about little boys drowning in a frozen pond? What do these people NOT get here. People watch TWC because they don't want to watch the local news and hear gruesome stories like that... I don't want a scroll across my TV telling me some mother lost her two baby boys in a frozen pond. If I wanted to see stuff like that I would be watching or watching CNN!! Wake up and smell the coffee... give me back my weather or I am going on strike.

So, going to spin class. Really. Die laughing, go ahead... I'll send chocolate covered strawberries and Birds of Paradise to the funeral.

It was a beautiful Valentines Day here, I had chocolate malted milk balls... and I love Malted Milk Balls... no not Whoppers but Malted Milk Balls... and red roses and well it was nice. Not dried corn stalks but hey... some people are traditional ya know ;)

And, lastly... I have a lot of people who ask me what it means that weather and history go hand in hand. This is a good example. See the story below from Wiki on Tampa. Because of a devastating freeze, people had to sell their citrus groves or gave up trying to grow frozen OJ on the tree and the land became available for more subdivisions .... etc, etc. Weather affects life... the economy, history and in some case psychology as some people have SAD and go stark raving out of their mind and pick up and move to places like LA and Miami and help create the colorful crazy places we know and love ... it was 62 degrees this morning in Miami. BRRRRRRR Chili!! Cold!!

"In the Great Blizzard of 1899, Tampa experienced its one and only known blizzard, with "bay effect" snow coming off Tampa Bay.[53][54] The last measurable snow in Tampa fell on January 19, 1977. The accumulation amounted to all of 0.2 inches (0.5 cm), but the city, unprepared for and unaccustomed to wintry weather, came to a virtual standstill for a day.[55] Three major freezes occurred in the 1980s: in January 1982, January 1985, and December 1989. The losses suffered by farmers forced many to sell off their citrus groves, which helped fuel a boom in subdivision development in the 1990s and 2000s.[56][57]"

So, take care... wear your overcoat and don't go totally crazy and Spring is around the corner...soon the Poincianas in Miami will be blooming (can't wait) and the trees up north will have little buds on them and then dogwood and azalea and lions and tigers and bears.. oh my!

Go for it... make my day!

love and kisses and lot's of cafecito

Besos Bobbi

Ps...did I mention I miss hurricanes???


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