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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

High Wind Warnings.... Sustained Winds of 35 with Gusts to 45 or 55.... More Snow for Baltimore, DC all the way up to NY

Watching the barometer drop here in Raleigh.

29.67 and FALLING...

I've tracked Tropical Depressions with higher barometric pressure.

Tomorrow, around 2 or 3 pm we are due for sustained winds of 30 to 40 mph with gusts 45 to 55 mph.

SUSTAINED @35 to 40 mph.

Amazingly, there are no preparations to shut down any part of the city, except for some dumps down near Fayetteville?? On top of that ....the ground is saturated from melting snow and rains today and we are told that some trees may fall down and possibly take out power lines. You know, those old trees that are in bad shape in the wooded areas...they may go BOOM and cause a problem.

Still have snow here against the house... a snow/ice mix .. this picture was taken this morning on the way to Stretch/Ballet/Yoga class...

Amazes me that only one weather person on air pointed out that this is EXTREMELY RARE as normally this area would ONLY see winds that high with a hurricane off shore or making landfall on the coast or a rare, severe thunderstorm.

They seem a bit nonchalant if you ask me.. but will see tomorrow how this plays out.

Current Conditions:

36.8 °F
Windchill: 37 °F
Humidity: 97%
Dew Point: 36 °F
Wind: Calm

Wind Gust: 0.0 mph
Pressure: 29.65 in (Falling)

From Discussion out of NWS:

"Have not seen winds this
strong in a while. Will likely not realize winds this strong at
the surface but steep low level lapse rates should support wind
gusts 40 to 45 knots...especially across the north. Topsoil remain
saturated with little drying anticipated. This supports idea of
numerous downed trees and a few power lines. Thus...will upgraded
high wind watch to a warning for the entire area."

Okay.......... meanwhile my kids in New York vary between believing in the Winter Weather Warning and thinking it won't pan out as the last few have not and yet... I think they will be surprised on how much snow they have.

In DC it's beginning to look a lot like the White House in the Kremlin not the USA! much more snow can they get?

We will know tomorrow...


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