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Thursday, February 25, 2010

From the EYE of the SNOWCANE :)

Arrived in Brooklyn just ahead of the heavy snow. Roads were so empty we made record time. Sunny skies in Virginia and Maryland and windy going through Washington, some snow in Southern New Jersey and made it to Brooklyn as it turned back from light rain into snow.

Drove into Brooklyn into a winter wonderland. Beautiful. Nothing like driving down Ocean Parkway with the benches covered in snow... down along Prospect Park which is ALWAYS beautiful covered in snow... and into Crown Heights.

If the eye of a hurricane is the center of the storm, the eye of my personal spiritual storm is always the corner of Kingston Avenue and Eastern Parkway. And, as always it's the calm in my storm, my quiet center that makes me smile the moment I see it. I know I am really, really home. See? Tonight... just as the snow began to fall again...

Anyway, will see how much snow we get tomorrow and Sunday but hoping not so much as I have places I want to go and things I want to see in my little corner of Brooklyn.

So, safe and sound and going to bed to start over in the morning.

Where ever you are in this mess of another winter storm... hunker down and enjoy, it will be a winter many will remember for years to come. On warm winters, without a lot of snow falling ....people will look back and they will remember where they were in the Winter of 2010!!

Night from the eye of the Snowcane :)



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