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Thursday, February 11, 2010

El Nino Does Dallas - Deep South Snow Storm Up Next

Dallas is under a winter warning and about to get a blast of what Baltimore has been feeling, a siege snow. A white winter wonderland... that should melt faster than the snow in Brooklyn and Washington DC.

This is the fourth day that Washington DC has been closed for business.

3 feet of snow and the airports are closed.

If you thought you were traveling somewhere today..... well there is an old German saying "Man Plans, God Laughs" or something like that.. Germans have a lot of cute sayings like that, my ex-husband was German and there is always some cute pithy saying with a heavy German accent by some adorable older relative.

Speaking of Europe.. remember those heavy snows they had in Europe and in China... what goes around the planet comes around and the whole Northern Hemisphere is getting some of the winter white decorative ground covering. Of course, along with the saying of God laughing... Vancouver that has the Winter Olympics is one of the only places that needed snow.. What's next a hurricane in Rio?

Anyways... here's a nice picture from Brooklyn yesterday, beautiful picture and nothing more beautiful than Crown Heights after a snowfall.

As for North Carolina, the wind was fun...nothing too terrible unless of course it was your 60 year old Oak Tree that you planted that fell all over your house. A sad interview on TV with an older woman who remembers planting the tree and how scared she was when she heard it fall. Really sad... to witness that in your life time.. a tree that provided you so much fun, happy memories... watched it grow.. gone is sad. In the Torah a child is a compared to a tree. Trees I am sure have a soul of their own.

The snow in Texas is a slushy, messy snow not like snow in Wyoming, but I am sure kids will love it and remember it for years to come. And, from Dallas the snow is moving east and should spread across the Deep South as it links up with some nice Gulf moisture.

Stay warm where ever you are and for my friend in Maryland... well... stay warm, eventually it will melt.

I was wondering on that today.. I mean if we are worried on the temperature and sea levels in the oceans, wouldn't all this melting snow cool things off a bit that way? Either way... there is going to be a problem in a lot of places this Spring when the snow finally does melt and expect flooding down the road.

For now.. drive safe, enjoy and hopefully you will all have a picturesque Valentines in Washington. Red roses in the snow... reminds of me of that last scene in Phantom of the Opera..

Besos Bobbi


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