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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

DC/NYC Blizzard - Nature Run Wild

Not sure what El Nino did that pissed Mother Nature off but... seriously.....

Got a total white out at the White House in Washington and it is moving north up the coast towards New York City after having Philadelphia for brunch.

An small but respectable earthquake hit Chicago and they are still trying to figure out which fault like to blame. Anything over 4.0 gets my attention, I'd start worrying where that fault line is and make sure it does not run south towards the New Madrid Fault Line.

A beautiful, but deadly cyclone in the Pacific named Pat is headed towards the Pago Pago Islands, which may not mean a lot to you but if you lived there it would indeed rock your world.

A stunning storm is moving in towards California and do I have to point out that after it hits California it will keep moving east...

And, the death toll in Haiti has now been estimated to be as high as the Tsunami that was on the other side of our world, reminding up that death from a natural disaster is not a geographical, far away thing but something that can happen anywhere on Planet Earth... even just to out south.

Links to stories below, pick your natural disaster or place of geographic interest.

Chicago Earthquake:

Death Toll

Cyclone Pat:

NY Blizzard:
For great nonstop updates go to

If you need more to worry on:

And, as for me when not writing or huffing and puffing at the gym today I will be here, watching The Weather Channel..where you get the best coverage from on the scene snowmen/weathermen with great updates & commentary on life in the Winter of 2010!

"This is mounting up faster than the National Debt!" Mike Seidel on The Weather Channel speaking on the snow totals in Washington DC!

IF you are planning on flying anywhere today in the USA and there is a connecting flight from may want to check with the airlines as many of the nation's largest airports are closed today... as is Washington DC.

Stay warm...stay safe and know that the winter of 2010 will be remembered for a long, long time because Mother Nature is most definitely on the war path!

Besos Bobbi

ps...will update as time permits and if they can find Mike Seidel who was last scene hiding from Fed Ex trucks who seem to be the only vehicles in DC on the road...


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