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Friday, February 12, 2010

And the Beat Goes On... Cuban Earthquake Near Gitmo and snow falling across the South....

A 5.4 Earthquake hit just off shore Cuba near Gitmo earlier today. Obviously, the earth is settling a bit and shuffling around trying to find it's new center after the larger Haitian Quake.

5.4 is pretty big for Cuba, an island not immune to problems of the geological kind as well as hurricanes. By land or sea, Cuba is often under the gun though we rarely hear of quakes this strong.

Some background on Cuban Earthquakes.

As for me... I am smiling as Mobile finally got it's snow and I am getting more snow over the weekend. The clouds here are so low you can almost touch them.

I'm a real Deep South girl so to me when they say "South" it has to be the REAL SOUTH... along the Gulf Coast or Northern Florida or even possibly a bit further north into Georgia, Savannah, Charleston... those are our real Southern Ports of Call!

So... the beat goes on... Montserrat is still shooting ash high up into the atmosphere and if all you have to deal with this weekend is some snow... enjoy it!

Great site from a Volcano Chaser... stunning photography..

As for me I got Red Roses for Shabbos and Chocolate Covered Malted Milk Balls :)

Let it snow!

Besos Bobbi and Good Shabbos!


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