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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Snowless Sunday In Syracuse.... Hmmmmnnn

So, there is no snow in Syracuse and snowed in Baton Rouge....

Got to go hmmnnnnnn on that one.

Maybe global warming is a southern event? Sort of a last Dixie Land Stand for ye olde global warming argument?

Snow in Baton Rouge, Houston and the other Gulf Coast States but no real snow in Syracuse? I mean seriously? People live and die for snow in Syracuse, I know people who go there just for the snow. But today...this Sunday in Syracuse people are out on the golf links getting their last shots in before snow finally finds he cookie crumbs that mother nature left for it and finds it's way to Syracuse.

In Miami people are putting on their sweaters and leather jackets and enjoying the cool air. In the Carolinas it's cold and bright blue skies and in New York City they had their first snowfall last night...

Hope Santa doesn't forget Syracuse...

As for me I am wondering why Victoria Secrets does not include fleece lined mittens with their pjs? Bought a pair of really cute pajamas with really warm nice fleece lined slippers but no mittens... went outside the other day when in NC to take some pics of frost on the ground and almost froze my poor little Miami fingers off... can't Victoria do something about this? The matching slippers are nice and warm :)

Sort of makes you think of that song from White Christmas... about Snow...or no Snow in Vermont...

That is what I did last night... bundled under the covers in my Victoria Secret's snowflake pajamas and watched one of my all time favorite movies..White Christmas.

Come on Santa... help Syracuse get some white stuff for Christmas before The Weather Channel has to send their snow prize to the University of Syracuse lol.

What is Syracuse..with noooooo snoowwww...


Going to take a nice hot shower... and get out and enjoy the nice cool air and sunshine and then watch football on Sunday... got to love this time of year!

Besos Bobbi... enjoying watching El Nino play with the Southern Jet and as for the Gators loss... my friend Mark from Alabama says... they lost because Alabama had better bible verses!!! Okay, so there you have it..was not bad officiating (I swear my nephew said that) or anything else... just the way it least they couldn't blame it on the snow!! Heard Buffalo blamed their loss to the Jets on the warm temps in the dome in Canada... seriously??


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