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Friday, December 04, 2009

I'm back and blogging and it's snowing in Texas..

This will be the second time in back to back years that it snowed in Texas...south Texas not talking Perryton Texas darling but deep down south in Houston...

Back to back snow events, two years in a row? And, where else will it snow this winter in the south? Seems pretty chilly and not so hot huh?

Truth is the atmosphere is always, constantly in flow ... moving around... cold here, warm somewhere else... it's just one big lava lamp of moisture moving around the planet, up and down and all around constantly.

No big storms in our basin, lots of big storms in someone else's basin!!

And, some people think it is a good idea to stop this process and damn up the flow of energy around the planet with weather modification? I don't think that's a good idea...

Personally, after suffering a severe bout of sinusitis and knowing what happens when things get all dried out inside... it's really not a good idea ... things need to flow, whether it's weather and storms or phlegm and love and laughter and smiles.

A bit odd to say but the truth Virginia is often hard to take...

Damning up a river is only good for one part of the population... and stopping hurricanes from forming is what disaster movies are made from... fiction and they always end with "what were they thinking??"

As for me..I'll be back later today or this weekend with a yearly wrap up and my thoughts on the 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season and other meteorological stories that went bump in the media's night.

Who knew ... meteorologists email each other and talk on the weather? And somewhere someone is always hacking some account and finding their meteorological paper trails... Scary thought, trust me as there are many emails I hope stay dead and buried and alive only in people's memories ;)

Besos Bobbi and enjoy the holiday decorations... it is our way of saying the seasons are changing and winter is here!! But, in Lumberton Texas the palm trees are covered now in snow...not just Christmas lights...

Ps..."wetballing" don't you just love those crazy meteorological terms... ;) Got to love Jim Cantore...



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