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Monday, December 28, 2009

How to Make a Hurricane :)

So explain it to me... There I am standing in some book store and out on the sale shelf next to all the cookbooks and kids books is a "How to Make a Volcano" book on sale for $7.99!!

Cool, but there must be a million sites online for science projects on how to make a volcano yet someone... somewhere put it in a book with all the necessary items to make some little child feel like he's Jules Verne or some wild scientist making his own Volcano.

And, I began to wonder... Where are the "How to Make a Hurricane Books?"

I mean, would think you could put together something...drop it in the bathtub... possibly food coloring to watch the water go down the drain and simulate intensification or wild banding?

A little fish tank?

This can't be that hard....

Why do Volcanoes get so much press and hurricanes are just a name for football teams. I mean somewhere there must be a Volcano Football Team but I haven't heard of them and am not googling them neither.

And... you know where all the lonely geologists go? To Hurricane boards or Snow boards online because they have to sit around longer than The Weather Channel trying to find a Twister to get to enjoy a real, live volcano!!

Got to almost feel bad for those little junior geologists playing with their rocks, reading their little books, getting their little kits that some cheapo grandparent bought them (no parent would ever buy a kid a messy thing like that...) and then they grow up... study geology and spend the rest of their life thinking "what if" this or that fault goes...

I mean the San Andreas... come on we have been waiting for that puppy to blow since the 60s! And, the one out in the Atlantic that is going to make a tidal wave that eats Manhattan.... since Atlantis fell we have been waiting for that one.

Krakatoa... the volcano legends are made of..

Anything you can simulate in a box can't be that exciting...

But a hurricane... they remain the most mystifying, exciting, wild rides on the planet.

Try and catch a hurricane... as it swirls and spins it's way across the Atlantic to some place near you or me... it's rain will sometimes fall far away in Canada or even Michigan though Iowa I believe is exempt :P

So.... how do we make a hurricane?

Well... seems to be the year after a strong El Nino is your first ingredient.. not sure why but that's for the big boys to discover in their research. El Nino dust left behind and the beating of butterfly wings and a little meteorologist somewhere on some message board tired of hearing bored geologists talk on "earthquake weather" is dreaming of a hurricane the way other kids dream of snow for Christmas.

This year was slow...
Next year may not be so slow...
One day soon we may know...
But for now...where you gonna go when the Volcano blows?

I don't know... but I'm gonna go when the Volcano blows lol...

Here's a great Volcano video for you bored geologists and for anyone who loves the incomparable Jimmy Buffett...

That's it for me today... should be back soon blogging again but then I have a best friend who always says "never say should" so... I don't know when I am gonna blog again but hang in there... shouldn't be long lol.

Key West ... by the way.... is the most beautiful place on planet earth... love it!

Besos Bobbi

Ps... the other day I watched the sun set behind the infamous Southernmost point... slid down behind the big painted buoy and I wondered what those partiers were watching on Mallory Square... hope they were enjoying it as much as I was on my side of the island!

Recipe for a Hurricane:

of course...


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