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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Heavy Flooding in Aventura, Hallandale, Hollywood, Dania... thigh high in some places

Not kidding there, no exaggeration....

11.31 inches and counting in North Miami Beach.

People are abandoning cars on people's front lawns and walking through water that is knee high or thigh high depending on how tall you are... we aren't tall in my family. My daughter walked thigh high home after they abandoned the car in Aventura ...the Lofts are high and dry. Aventura is not.

Police are going up and down Hallandale Blvd with loud speakers telling people to pull over and get off the roads.

We keep losing power, the neighbors lost power. Through the heavy rain you can hear transformers popping...

Heavy, heavy rain... crazy storm.

More rain expected tomorrow but frankly not sure how anyone is going to get to work tomorrow.

Posting this before we lose power again..

Like a Hurricane... amazing...

Anything you read on flooding in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale ...believe it.

Besos Bobbi...

Ps... earlier this morning we waded through ankle high water to get out of Barnes and Noble... the storms just never stopped..


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