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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Updating Ida 1 word. RAIN

Quick update as my laptop is spending the night with the geek squad and only so much you can do with an itouch...

Ida made landfall twice on both sides of Mobile Bay.

There will be arguements in high circles for a while concerning the one higher report of winds thrown out and noted but not used in deciding on her strength at landfall. Someone at the NHC will do the the post season discussion and will be curious how they handle it.

My brother in Nola said it was very windy today and in the carolinas it's pouring. Wind ne at 13mph gusting to 18. With some fog.

Atlanta got soaked as I was worried they would.

And it is going to keep raining. Flash flood warnings through thursday. Up to 6 inches in some areas.

The is the big legacy of Ida. This and a possible hook up with the area of interest in the Atlantic that might become the J storm and do some fujiwara cha cha with Ida if some models are right. Seriously who is in charge of the weather these days?? Bugs Bunny??

A powerful coastal storm is possible and steering currents are weak and expect lots of wind and rain and some flooding if you are in a part of the southeast.

More tomorrow when we have a better idea of what is going on.

Tonight: Rain
Tomorrow: Rain
Thursday: Rain

Gusts up to 30mph.

Can't have that much rain without flooding

Night Ida... bobbi listening to the rain fall.


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