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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tropical Depression 11 Forms in the SW Caribbean...

It's official! Tropical Depression 11 has formed in the SW Caribbean!!

And, from the looks of the more better hot towers that are blowing up currently it may in deed already be Ida. But... we are ...of course waiting for the planes to go in..

Tropical Storm Warnings though HAVE been issues for the Islands of San Andres and Providencia as well as the ENTIRE Eastern Coat of Nicaragua! Sounds like they will go with an upgrade to Ida as soon as they have some hard data with specifics. Note map in previous post that was posted for just this reason... as I figured it would come in handy...

It's a small storm but viable and developing nice banding and a center that looks like it wants to be more than a minimal Tropical Storm so ... pay attention.

Tropical Depression 11 is currently moving towards the NW near 8mph (i think that's more wishing..seems slower). Sustained winds are 35 mph and gusts are of course higher.

Please keep in cold as it is in Pennsylvania and Arkansas it is still VERY HOT in the Caribbean and the high in Miami today is in the 80s and water temps around the Yucatan Passage and South of Cuba are very, very warm.. possibly warmer than your average bath tub water so... this storm does have potential to intensify and just because October was sort of dead in the tropics it does not mean it is all over and November might sizzle.

Or... fizzle out.

Repeat after me.. "only time will tell!!"

I'll be back after more information has been ingested and more data has been spit out by the computers and the guys at the NHC decipher it all and make more better forecasts ;)

For now... enjoy the most wonderful, amazing, fantastic Jimmy Buffett singing "Only Time Will Tell" from one of my favorite places ;)

Besos Bobbi ;)
(Did I mention the Dolphins won this week??? Good sign always...)


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