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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

SW CARIB.... something happening... looking good for tropical development...

Okay, away today on business but just wanted to give a real heads up to an area in the SW Caribbean that has an orange circle and a pretty good chance of developing more. I said "more" I did not say A LOT...

But... she is small and she is viable it seems.

Keep watching. Models are staying with her and personally...I would like to see a real storm out of Ida... might not be the best year but personally... just would like to see the name do something vs being found out by the Azores...going the wrong way.

Nice loop... watch and see circulation coming together.

Stay tuned.... will update if I have a reason to...

Besos Bobbi :)

Ps...for now track would hug the coast and move slowly north around the edge of that big bad high that has parked itself over the Caribbean but...eventually she would catch a front north and then a lot would depend on the orientation of the front.

Lot to think on... a lot of links to loop ...later...

Keep watching :)


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