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Thursday, November 12, 2009

So much to say and not sure where to start and frankly more in watching and listening mode.

The wind outside is howling in an off and on manner. Gusty is what they call it.

It's not tropical but it is. This isn't just a really strong, early nor'easter.

Close to 200,000 without power. Pounding waves pummeling the coast line from Cape Hatteras through the tidewater in Virginia. Virginia Beach, Ocean City, Norfolk ...lots of folks in lots of cities up and down the eastern coast getting strong, sustained winds and winds citing to near tropical storm force and in some cases hurricane force.

Yet it's just bad weather right?


This is Ida, stronger and more severe than she was in Mobile. But she was quickly written off as a remnant low. The NHC had her officially looping down to the ear after landfall. The models disagreed. The GFS was near perfect but discarded as a long term solution. The GFD was right. She went noerheast not southeast. And those who read this scenario were right

And this may sound mean but the NHC passed her off to the NWS and stopped talking about her happy to be rid of her.

You can change the flu to whatever letters and numbers that you want to call it but it is still the Swine Flu and this is still Ida.TWC is calling her NorIda.

What is the purpose of a hurricane?

They transfer energy from the tropics to the poles. Ida gets an A plus!

NHC gets a C minus on this one.

The NWS deserves a 2 week vacation when this is done but they will have to wait tip this winter is over.

Just Bill Proemza was right and there needs to be closer communication between hurricane researchers and forecasters so too do we need a better way to handle Canes that have more than one life

This is like Tina going over the falls on One LifeTi Luve and coming back alive when ratings went down Uda is back and she has one he'll of a punch and tropical power in her punch. She is punching away at the coastline with hurricane force wind, high surf and sadly a climbing death toll.

This is not 1960 with families sitting down to watch the nightly news and weather. Mommy is watching the food network getting ideas for Thanksgiving, daffy is watching the History Channel, Billy is playing a video game and Sally is watching MTV. No one is watching the weather.

The NWS is not sexy (sorry) and the NHC is and they should have stuck with Ida a little longer and built up the possibilities more before handing her off to the NWS like they were in a relay race for November 30th...

The Wind is howling, it whistles loudly through the pines and something out there is banging. Rain is falling off and on

Misery is outside in the dark, rainy night.

And the misery that was once called Ida is moving up the eastern seaboard

I like the sound of the wind. I like watching what looks like a LandCane swirling on my local radar.

And lucky for me I watched Grey's Anatomy and saw the Accuweather scroll on the bottom of the screen telling me to take in loose objects. I'm a little worried about Billy and Sally. Hope they know schools closed.

I just think there needs to be a better way to handle storms that make this sort of transition. Better communication between NHC and NWS and a better way to get the word out to the public. Maybe emergency testing??

Who knows.

I'm listening to the rain and wind as this storm goes down as one for the re ore books.

As Paul Kocin said once back when we had real weather specialists on TWC ... When the forecast is busted it's usually the big events not the small ones. So true.

Ida was one for the record books. Or Nor'Ida ...

Whatever it is sounds beautiful to me. Will close my eyes and pretend it's Key West and the AC is on too cold. And counting the days til I am back in Key West.

Night Noreaster Ida.

Ps. My laptop is sick and Iphones are great but a pain to post please excuse typos

Quarter of a million people without power. there needs to be a

"a wind advisory is in effect for our area"

On the radar the green is spinning around and sure looks like it's got one heck of a circulation just hovering off shore.

I'm inland. Wind here is sustained at 20 mph and gusting to 30 mph. It varies a lot from city to city and moment to moment. The weather radio says to expect wind gust up to 40 mph.


At 7:58 PM, Blogger BobbiStorm said...

Why does iPhone try and correct everything?

LOL. Ida Uda what's in a name? Bill Shakespear... Head of the literary weather bureau from long ago. Man did that man love weather!


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