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Sunday, November 01, 2009

NHC Upgrades to Red Circle.. Can Ida Be Forming? And... Fins Beat the Jets for the 2nd Time This Year

Visible Imagery from the Floater centered on top of the System of the hour..

The suspect area in the Atlantic has been upgraded by the National Hurricane Center to RED ALERT which basically means they are close to upgrading this system to the next named storm that would become Ida. She may be a "sub-tropical" storm but as they name them as well ... we are looking at Ida if she continues to intensify and if she can detach her center from her attached frontal boundary.

There is a Greater than 50% chance of this system becoming a named Storm.

Now... if you are reading this on Sunday Night go to and listen to Jim Williams interview Joe Bastardi from and discuss weather, hurricanes and global warming. If you can't watch it tonight, than go to and sign up and become a subscriber to his service and you can watch that interview at your own convenience and many others in the archive. Jim does the best job there is out there on the Internet providing up close and personal coverage of the tropics while is band of followers sit around and shoot the breeze at

Jim Leonard is on now discussing the lack of twisters and hurricanes this year in our part of the world. Just remember, energy is always moving around the planet and if we have a quiet year...someone else is having a wicked, wild year... and not so lucky.

As for Ida... I think if you look at her on close up satellite imagery and watch her spin on a loop she is as much of a system worth naming as a few others who were harder to even find yet received names. She is actually wound out quite tight.

Look at this loop and tell me if you think this is or isn't a closed tropical or sub-tropical system??

As for the Miami Dolphins... GREAT WIN today... GREAT... and Ginn played his part in the win so have to say.. okay.. maybe we should keep him but only for run backs on kick offs. I mean for a while it seemed like a grudge match between Ginn and Feely, an ex Dolphin who tackled him twice on Feely kick offs. Ginn finally scored on a Feely kick off and ran the ball the length of the field... TWICE... amazing! Fun game to watch, high energy and closer than the score seemed and well... we beat them twice now this season and I'm a lot happier this week than I was a week ago. Which team will show up next week to play New England?

For that matter...which storm will show up later this week?

Tropical Storm Ida or Sub-tropical Storm Ida?

Or No Ida??

Either way, I'll be back to cover what is left of the 2009 Hurricane Season and no matter how the year has gone so far... the one thing that is constant and that is if a storm forms in November, it is usually a wild ride and more complicated than a simply July Hurricane.

Going to listen to Jim and Joe talk hurricanes and weather... great meteorologists both of them in their own way...

Besos Bobbi


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