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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Ida - A storm to watch...

Ida is a simply a storm that bears watching. She reintensified faster today than expected and has held her own tonight against marginally bad conditions... think term in discussion tonight concerning shear was "NOT PROHIBITIVELY STRONG" which was and is interesting lingo, rarely used here though maybe just this is a funky storm to forecast.

November storms can be a pain to forecast and I think when all is said and done Ida will make a few forecasters want to tear their hair out!

I mean..she could go quietly into the tropical night... go extra-tropical and do the whole funky shaped dance but i think by the time this is over that she will affect a good portion of the Gulf Coast with strong winds and rain in some manner.

As for Florida.. I can't help but believe based on climo that she will not bend to the right at the end and even possibly wobble around a bit, loop... hopefully won't get left behind but be taken by the front.

Will watch tomorrow... so far, pretty impressed.

Watched Gators roll tonight... hoping the Fins Win tomorrow and will be a happy football camper!

Either way... Ida is a storm to watch and don't be surprised if she has a few surprises up her sleeve.

Nite all... sweet tropical dreams...



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