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Monday, November 09, 2009

Ida coming ashore. Long slow rain event expected.

Tropical storm Ida came ashore tonight along the Gulf Coast. I'm not sure what city will get the credit but her weather mass IS ashore.
This might be semantics but after going through the weather mass from Irene ... When the weather hits ... That IS the storm!

Watching coverage on TWC and enjoying it. Talking to my brother Ron who is in Nola. He's walking around Canal Street and freezing. Very cold wind. Not very tropical from his point of view but windy.

I'm worried about flooding in places that don't want rain, like Atlanta.

And she has a long tail that reaches down to Cuba. Someone... Slot of someone are going to get a lot of rain far from Mobile.

Posting from an itouch as I am reading through some material for an article I am working on and not much more to say.

Will be back tomorrow morning when we know more details.

Stay safe and warm and happy.

Sweet tropical dreams Bobbi


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