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Thursday, November 05, 2009


Ida was upgraded to Hurricane Ida this morning when it became definitive that she was indeed a hurricane. Something many of us had been thinking but was confirmed by the NHC as they are for truth, justice and protecting people everywhere not just in Florida or Mississippi. No sir and ma'am, they stay awake all night while we sleep trying to perfect both their short term forecast and their long term one as well. It's a big job, but hey someone has to do it.

I believe Joe Bastardi made it very clear on Jim William's Hurricane City broadcast the other night.. it is NOT an easy job and he is very happy he doesn't have it ... as he enjoys doing what he does and I in turn.. enjoy doing what I do.

I write.
They figure.

I do English.
They do the Math.

We all do the science.. as I did study some meteorology myself in college.

So... Ida is making landfall and has been since last night. That brings up another point that needs to be made, in that ... even though a hurricane has not made landfall as they travel parallel along the coastline or move, very, very slowly towards shore.. they can still do damage. The NHC and the Media makes a big deal on landfall but way before landfall a storm can begin doing the damage and create misery.

Keep watching ... prayers would be good too for all in her path and keep wondering where she will go from here. I really have problems seeing her not pulling to the right as she moves into the Gulf.. look at the flow around the high in the Caribbean.

More later as more becomes worthy of saying.

For now... prayers and good thoughts for the people of Central America as they have a full fledged hurricane to deal with and it's been my experience that most Ida's are spunky as hell so... don't underestimate the damage she can and may do in Honduras and Nicaragua.

And, if you have any plans to go to Cancun this weekend...I'd put them on hold and visit some nice place like Cocoa Beach or Myrtle Beach instead.. a beach is a beach, order a cute drink and listen to some nice music and pretend you are in Cancun because her next stop may be Cancun. Maybe...

A nice resort, by the way to try is Tin Town in Naples! Try it fast..

Over and out, got things to do and much to write and I'm lost in thoughts and thinking on Willie Nelson songs. Hey... I have more to do than just think hurricanes. This song is for my brother Ronnie.. who loves both Shania and Willie.

Willie is the best! And, think there will be quite a few people crying in the rain as Ida moves inland. Some people love to watch palm trees sway and the rain fall down but when it is taking down your village in one big mud slide... whoosh... not so much fun and it's nothing to laugh about!

Besos Bobbi


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