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Monday, November 02, 2009

Gale Storm Wins I suppose... No Ida Yet...

Back down to orange despite it possessing a tight inner circulation and very high winds....which makes it I suppose... Gale Storm.

Man, she was cute back then... spunky, good singer, looked great... fun to listen to..

And... something worth watching in the Gulf Of Mexico that in ANY OTHER YEAR would probably develop and ride a cold Front up into NW Florida...but this is 2009 and a year like few others.

But, worth pointing out.

I'm in Raleigh this morning, woke up a bit on the cold side and suddenly it looks like winter is closing in on Autumn. I really need to get some pictures up here as there is quite a bit of yellow, orange and reds and I mean leaves...not on satellite imagery. Not sure why people go to New England when they can go to North Carolina. There is so much color it is amazing and everyone says, "oh you really need to go to Ashville to see color!!" And, am thinking they must be color blind or something..

Leaves look like sunflowers and the maple trees are on fire and the willow tree drops so many leaves every time the wind blows that I can't figure out how it has any leaves left. It's not Miami and I am missing my turquoise ocean but will be back soon so ... enjoying the weather I got here.

And, with regard to Joe Bastardi of Accuweather fame he went head to head or words to words with Jim Williams on Hurricane City and wow... unreal. If you love weather and if not ...why are you here... go to and sign up for Jim's many subscription services and sit and spell and listen. It was one of the all time best programs and to listen to two smart, funny men talk about weather, hurricanes and being a weather nut was priceless. Jim Leonard was there as well and well he is a legend as a chaser. A GREAT show and a wonderful few hours of wonderful, weather words bandied about with passion and humor.. what a combination. If Joe ever does go down to Miami and meets with Jim in person, I want to be there... that is something I think I would pay to watch :) Or at least buy the round.

Love it... don't love the quiet tropics but gives me a chance to focus on other things right now and that is good sometimes too! And, feel badly that though our part of the world is getting off easy those in the Philippines and on the West Coast are not getting off as easy as this is going to be one wild winter. And, that goes for the Raleigh/Durham area that I do believe will get at least one wild snow storm if not an Ice Storm.

As for Miami... it's HOT, HOT, HOT..the Bermuda High seems to have picked up and parked itself over the State of Florida and it is hot and dry, which means they will go into a heavy drought cycle. And, yet... they are still draining water out of the Lake aren't they? Why? What is the real reason? Something to think on for another day.

Putting on my cute new sweater from Victoria Secrets and going for a walk this morning to take some pictures and get some leaves for my mother... so she can see colored leaves again even though she lives in Miami. of my favorite songs by one of my favorite song stylists.. Frank Sinatra. My Grandma Mary would play this song on the piano for me all the time. I loved it. I can still see her hands moving across the keyboard like she was caressing it more than playing an instrument. There was really something about my grandma Mary that cannot be explained or described except to hear her play the piano.. which she did so well and I miss her most of all... when Autumn Leaves begin to Fall...

IF I can find one that is as close to a piano version of how my Grandma Mary played it .. I'll post it but really there was no one like Grandma Mary on the piano..

Good one but way too jazzy, Grandma played is slower and sort of made the keys quiver and sigh..

Besos Bobbi
Making some cafecito before I get out there walking..


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