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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fantasy Canes... New Sport Among Trackers

You have Fantasy Football?

Now we have Fantasy Canes!!

Deep into what seems like November on the way to December we sit in October watching models that are showing tropical development as if computers have tropical wet dreams after midnight fantasies about Ida doing Great Britain!!

And....oh the images...the visuals... the wicked, wild scenes that come to mind while watching a storm form and do loop de loops through the Gulf, United States and Danny like emerge into the Atlantic and after a wild, fantasy ride it clobbers Great Britain with a warm core tropical cyclone spawned from the Gulf Stream! Possibly there is some tie in to the Bermuda Triangle here as well...

But.. that is what we do... we either watch tropical cyclones pound the Philippines or we fantasize with the computer models about possible fall scenarios for Grace who has yet to show her face...

Above and below are a few of the possible tracks that the Canadian Model (my best for fantasy personally...) or the GFS model and well... just like with Fantasy Football, it's okay if Ginn blows a pass or makes zero yardage on a run back because you can probably trade him or bench him unlike in real life where the Horror Story continues week by week as we wonder how long the mistakes of the past must continue on making us feel miserable.

Fantasy Football or Fantasy Canes?

I'll take weather any day. When I do football it's the real thing, one week at a time, every week matters and on any given Sunday any team can win.. unless of course they have the Ginn Family playing on their side.

May sound mean but when I consider how much money he makes a minute to not show up and catch the ball or make noticeable yardage.. football is money, big time money and there are big time decisions to be made by the Miami Dolphins Coaching Staff.

As for the Tropics... I think the chance of this storm forming is about as strong as there is for me to get snow tomorrow.

But...hey... you never know... the tropics sometimes surprise us before October is over...

Grace could go BOO and Tricker Treat!!

But... I think she's on a diet and not doing Halloween personally!!

Love and kisses...Besos Bobbi ;)


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