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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yellow Circle Up Off Africa...

Heads up for the Yellow Circle off of Africa for a new wave with a nice sassy look that most likely will not make the name Grace but well.. it is September and we should remember.

Often after a somewhat quiet summer we go into fall and it gets quiet as steering currents are not always a tropical entities best friend. They steer them away towards colder water more than suck them in towards tropical destinations. This has been a weak year.

But, every fall has it's Indian Summer and I think we are working towards that time of the year when the steering currents collapse and something changes and suddenly there is a surprise storm that popped up when no one was looking.

Of course, at Hurricanecity we are always looking. Newbies stare along with professional mets and off duty weathermen who are all watching the tropics. Young kids who begin studying meteorology go on to fame and fortune in the meteorological world while retired weather lovers watch the tropics along with watching birds in their backyard and pretty girls at the beach.

This is September. I am not giving up on the season though I am lowering my standards a bit and watching waves that have no invest such as the one that is waving back from Africa today.

If this site posts a link to an Atlantic Invest...then we will give it a little more creedence.

Til then.... we are not confusing chickens with geese ... or whatever analogy you would like to use. If you like dark chocolate you are not going to fall for someone explaining how white chocolate really is chocolate but if you like white chocolate like I do... you don't care that it is not brown and you don't want to hear a lecture on how it really isn't chocolate, it's called "White Chocolate" duh... case closed.

Yellow circle off of Africa, nothing more.. nothing less.

Here's some creedence to go with that circle...

Besos Bobbi :)
Ps...Grace is too pretty of a name to use on a fish, don't you think??
Very Autumn sort of name...


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