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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

System Being Monitored off SE Coast Headed North.. Have you bought your batteries yet???

Real system above ...not so real system below..

Okay, have to make this quick... have clothes to pick and hair to straighten and things to do.

And, nothing is really going on that will amount to much the northern Bahamas, really off the Carolinas (is that an official rhyme??) there is a system that is moving north. It most likely won't develop and most likely won't do much but bring big surf and give my friends something else to stare at other than the afternoon sky and read damage reports out of Bangladesh and other tropical ports of call that are having tropical weather.

You see as we sit here doing not a whole lot there are people digging out from a very bad cyclone. has good stories on Aila.

In this part of the world it is hurricane preparedness week over at the NHC and they are testing out their ham radio set ups and everyone is tuning up their websites and getting ready for the start of the 2009 Hurricane season.

My question... have you bought your batteries for your weather radio yet?

Better question...have you bought your weather radio?

Better question... DO YOU HAVE A PLAN??

As for me, digging through the old hurricane box and packing up parts of it and sifting through the things I will leave behind. It's almost empty, down to the bottom... if there is a storm before I leave I will go to my brothers I guess. If.. June may be slow.. maybe be too soon... will see.

Will 2009 be a big season or a weak one..only time will tell BUT just remember and it's not the size of the season that counts but where you are when the hurricane hits. It only takes one and if that one has your name written on it.. it will be the Hurricane Season of your life.


til then..get out and have some fun while the sun is shining.

As for me.. will be the beach or curry for lunch :)

Besos Bobbi
ps... don't worry much on Invest 91..not unless it gets a name.


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