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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Funky Blob Off the Carolinas...

The Invest known as "91" is now pulling itself together in a nice, round little ball trying to get some attention after hearing the flights were canceled yesterday I suppose. Even has this little rudimentary band on the top lol.

Hard to get respect in May still... seems like June and even that is too soon but it's still May.

So... just pointing it out between wondering on earthquakes, moving experiences and other news of the world... it is still there and it does look pretty good on some satellite imagery... not as great in others. Like being a beautiful woman in your older years, put on a little make up... the right clothes and you look great. The baby boomers are going to go out in style it seems.

So... here's one pic above... moving fast and gonna be a problem for ships at sea I think providing nice surf and some strong weather but will it get a name?? Don't think so but people are watching none the same.

BIG BLOG IN THE GULF OF MEXICO.. moving this way... not tropical but wow, messy and filled with rain.. more rain. Raining every day now.

Here's a link for the Funky Blob off the Carolinas.. and as much as I can't wait to go back to OBX... am very happy to be here with warm surf in Miami this weekend. Just have to find the right hour to run over to the beach with my husband who arrived late last night. Can't wait to go to the beach but work awaits and the Jewish holiday of Shavous otherwise known as the cheesecake and ice cream holiday is almost here. Bought Edwards and making Ice Cream Sundaes as well!!

Love and kisses...Bobbi..still in Miami for a little while longer..

Looks like it wants more attention than it is getting... just my thoughts..

Besos Bobbi


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