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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter, Snow, Miami Not Cold, Chanukah, Football, Misc. Musings

I suppose I should feel guilty. It's warm in Miami. Warm and sunny, no snow. Jalousie windows and screens and blue sunny skies outside.

I had to debate opening the windows, because I didn't want it to warm up too much! Honest! Just a really beautiful day in Miami.

Watching snow scenes from across the country and I'm in a tank top and soft gauzy gypsy sort of skirt with a fan blowing on me.

But, it's just as well because as much as I would love to be in New York right now I am getting over a bad, bout of bronchitis.

Sitting in bed, newspaper all around me, hazelnut coffee next to me and watching Meet the Press!

So, aside from making lists and taking my meds and waiting for the Dolphin Game to begin I am sifting
through pictures sent me online by friends who are watching the snow come down.

I have to admit Condoleeza Rice has aged well. She looks pretty good. Wonder if she will play the piano more now? Is this like becoming an "empty nester" ??? LOL. We all move on.

So, I am watching weather..watching football and thinking on Chanukah which is coming faster than a speeding train ..choo, choo, choo. Achoo! ;)

Tonight is the first night of Chanukah. I barely feel ready. The week has been a blur for me devoid of time, holiday speculation or much of anything aside from being lost in a fog of memories flooding back and forth in
my mind as I took a "time out" and let myself heal. Maybe, that's what was most valuable in ways. Giving up the sense that I could control everything, that I could push myself and do it. Remembering how really, totally, productive I was creatively when I took prednisone all the time when young. I'd giggle but then it would make me cough. Funny how some meds like perfumes can bring back such memories. I asked the doctor if I could have marax jokingly, he asked what it was.. I told him I was on it a lot as a child..and then they took it off the market. LOL.

Seriously, whatcha gonna do with all that snow up north? Make snowballs? Snowmen?

My priorities:

"'You can go there and let the cold affect you,'' London said. ``Or you can go there, deal with it, suck it up, come back to the 80-degree weather and enjoy a Mai Tai on the beach.''

For Dolphins historians who recall many a dismal December when Miami's postseason hopes were ruined, it might not be so easy to accept London's laid-back approach to handling a projected kickoff temperature of 17 degrees. That's dangerously close to the 14-degree day in Foxboro, Mass., for the Dolphins' coldest-ever game, Dec. 11, 1977, against the New England.

The Dolphins have been a poor cold-weather team in recent years, and we're not just talking about last year's 1-15 debacle. Since 1996, Miami has posted winning records in December just twice. And only once since 1986 has Miami gone undefeated during that month. Key losses in December most recently ruined Dolphins seasons in 2002 and 2003."

Sigh :(

Well, time will tell..any given sunday and all that jazz.

Seattle, by the way, is not used to such who knows?

So..back to Chanukah which starts tonight.

What do I want? I'm easy... starbucks card, victoria secrets card, barnes and noble card.. a ticket to NY for January .. ummmm peace, good will to man. A bag of Verona coffee? A trip to Verona or Venice :) Provence maybe?
Does Jimmy Buffett or Willie Nelso have a new CD? A berth in the playoffs for the Dolphins!

Really wanted to go to Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York this winter but I'm stuck on virtual trips online and talking to my kids on gmail video.

As for my younger kids..they are so good, so easy.. so "whatever, don't spend the money" and they get a lot of presents from older syblings (hint to Levi if you are reading this Rivky wants a laptop or a car..) and I'll make latkes, and Southern Fried Chicken for dinner (we fry things in oil, I am Southern!) and my boyfriend knows what I want but will I get it? Hmmmmnnnn?? Time will telleth..

A possible suggestion:
If you have grandchilren or children you would like to buy a Jewish Kids Magazine for..for Chanukah, here's a link and a cute song found on the wonderful youtube :) it's like a weekly reader for Jewish Kids.

You know..say you are Baptist or Catholic and you're partner in the firm is Jewish, he has this cute 7 and 9 year old and you know they have dreidels out the wazoo and you can't think what to get them that they might enjoy and have a bit of an educational twist to encourage their reading and learning about the world and their heritage...

And, it's FREE! How easy is that. You sign the kid up, put in their names..and they get the newsletter/magazine and you can't beat that :)

Speaking of 8 Days ;)

If you want to buy a great CD for someone Jewish or for yourself.. you know go to Burger King and get those potato pancakes they make for breakfast instead of fries ;) and buy some apple sauce and a little bag of chocolate gold coins and sit down by the fire and pretendeth you are Jewish... throw this into the CD player and let them rock your world!

Check out my favorite song "Rain" ;)

okay, I knew them since they were little... but telling you the Marcus boys rocked and brought the house
down last night in Queens... order online ;) and enjoy.. L'Chaim!

Happy Chanukah ;)

love and kisses ... peace out, Bobbi


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