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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Something About Snow...

Seattle has been blanketed in more snow than they have seen in a one day snow total in years... the crazy winter of 1978 I believe. I have two friends living there, they have been posting pictures on Facebook all day.

Something about 1978 keeps playing in my head over and over, nagging me.. That winter season 78/79 was one of the strongest across the country. Chicago was snowed in for days. Miami even saw snow. Areas used to a light dusting were swamped with snow, even in the swamps down South.

Are we looking for a replay of that winter or a crazier sequel?

We have seen snow in New Orleans, Houston, Las Vegas, Malibu and now Seattle a place known more for rain than snow is blanketed and they are having "Snow Days" which are days to go out and play in the snow...sort of how kids in Florida play football in the flooded streets after a strong wet, tropical storm without worrying that a snake in the water might slither by.

If the weather temps stay low most of the country may have a real White Christmas; Chanukah for sure as it begins Saturday Night.

A good in depth article explaining how snow storms work and why some are stronger than others is linked below.

1978/79 is the winter that everyone remembers and refers to..

I think when Las Vegas gets a snow day.. that's big!

Note that all the global warming people trying to explain how having two cold winters is part of global warming. There is a theory for everything but it's all part of the cycles of how the earth regulates itself and it has been going on since before blogging began, before television began, before records were kept by some early cave man with lines dug into his cave for how many snow days they had that year.

1979...a winter filled with snow across Southern California..

I'm wondering on weather patterns, hurricanes that hit that year and the next and how any of this may correlate down the line.

I'm wondering if South Florida has a chance for snow this winter? Some freak flurries in Florida, now that would seem a sign, a part of the plan...

Going to try and go back to bed, fell asleep early.

Great video of snow falling from 2006 in Seattle posted below. If you don't know what it's like to watch it fall and cover the city... enjoy. You know people in Tampa, Miami and places south of the snow line. Key West would look pretty in snow, almost like a New England winter wonderland.

When I was in Postville last winter with my brother and the snow began to come down, the first real stick to the ground snow of the year it covered the ground totally in less than a half an hour. Friday as witnessed by the picture below.. no snow. By Saturday Night it looked like Siberia.. honest. Layered in layers... so different from Miami.

Snow..happens fast sometimes. I was bundled up freezing and now snow.. then, blanketed white. Great memory, my brother Ronnie and I ran outside watching it fall like we were suddenly inside a snow globe.

I remember living in L.A. in that winter and snow was falling in the Torrance area, up in Rolling Hills. It was something to remember as it rarely happens unlike Postville or Chicago or New York which is expecting the snow storm to move east this weekend.

Story below is what I saw when I went online tonight that made me realize it's going to get crazier before it gets "normal" again this winter.

Alternate Side Parking Rules Are Suspended on Friday
Author: Techie Category: PSA

The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) in conjunction with the Department of Sanitation (DSNY) today announced the suspension of Alternate Side Parking (ASP) regulations citywide for Friday, December 19 to facilitate snow removal. However, parking meters will remain in effect throughout the City.

For updated information, visit the DOT Web site at or call 311.

Click here for the 2008 Alternate Side Parking Regulations Suspension Calendar

Larger story:


In the news of the strange but true... a town in Iowa is using a large donation from Tone Spices of garlic salt to help melt the snow "Italian Seasoning" style I suppose.
Sort of "green" isn't it? Rather than dump it in the dump they are making all the people in the suburbs of Des Moines hanker after a good pizza or loaf of garlic bread I guess. One wonders if business is up in the pizza shops...*




Snow.... it won't be long before before we bathe in snow... :)

Smiling... going to bed, really. How is one supposed to have a sleep pattern while taking all this asthma medicine? I swear I feel 16 again.. last time I felt this sick and it was one COLD December in Miami.. I remember.

Sweet Snow Dreams.. Bobbi


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