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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sick in Bed Tuesday, Snow in NY and Wish I Was There

Okay, so I am trying to rest and take care of myself and listen to the doctor's orders. He's a good doctor, we like to try to at least try and listen to him. Well, I don't have a lot of alternatives. He took xrays, he made me sit in his office and uses the nebulizer I like I was a child. It helped. He decided I probably don't have pneumonia but just have asthmatic bronchitis. Yeah, he could have asked my childhood pediatrician. I was raised with asthmatic bronchitis. I was the only 6 year old who could spell it properly.

Anyway...winter has arrived across the nation.

What does that mean exactly? It snows up north. This displaces all of the sick snowbirds that come to Miami on Jet Blue and immediately infect Miamians who live in Sunny Miami and were previously germ free! We are lucky we aren't like the Mayans who lived not too far away or we'd be extinct, dead from germs from snowbirds coughing in our faces.

I am not making this up:

So, here I am wishing I was in New York, but am stuck in bed in Miami wishing I could do a retrograde migration. Just for a few days, I want to go in NY, see my kids, walk around Crown Heights, eat a bagel on Kingston and sip hot coffee and sit in 770 and I could probably do this in one day.. No, too many kids to see there these days. There's a cold remedy that I could actually find if I was in Apple Drugs and then say hi to friends. See my grandchildren. Ha Ha.. I am a Bubby afterall! And, my baby grandson is getting bigger fast and would like to see in person although the computer camera is nice...

But, it's snowing. That I know. Dina sent me a pic. Oldest son changed his facebook status and there are pictures up online. Dina's snow below..

So... I'm doing a virtual trip and a virtual hook up to New York while I lie in bed sipping Cold Time Tea and trying to get well enough to manage work tomorrow. I'm wheezing less, I'm coughing less. God Bless Prednisone. God Bless my over protective, proactive doctor who gives good advice and medicine.

Today is a special holiday in Chabad called Yud Tes Kislev. It is called the Rosh Hashanah of Chassidim. You may read it you want to it will explain more about this special day commemorating events in the life of the First Lubavitcher Rebbe who wrote the Tanya and left a legacy that keeps on giving. My son Zalmy that I mention so often is named after Rabbi Schneur Zalman. I made a little festive holiday meal with some chicken and lots of onions and garlic to help fight off my bronchitis and had some delicious Holiday Bread from Anny's Bread Shoppe. Their bread is at Whole Foods and Publix and most Health Food Stores. Or check below for number and address if you live in this area. They actually ship up north. Holiday Bread ... check it out.

Anny's Bread Shoppe
18282 West Dixie Highway (at 182nd Street, Just South of NE Miami Gardens Drive)
North Miami, FL 33160 UNITED STATES
phone: (305) 931-2669 fax: (305) 931-3266

If you are one of the Floridians that go to New York in a reverse migration tourist trip during the upcoming Holiday break to visit relatives in the New York Metro Area may I suggest a great place to visit for young and old. If you have children even more so, if you are a child at heart... you'll love it. If you aren't Jewish and have always wondered what it's all about... take a trip and enjoy. It's called the Jewish Children's Museum.

Read the history... it's a reminder of how when something horrible happens you can build something in someone's honor and memory and though it never brings that person back, that child to a mother.. it's a massive opportunity to give back something to the world in that child's place. A reminder how fast we forget in America because sadly 14 years ago when I was pregnant with my son Zalmy my older son in New York's classmates were fired on in a van crossing the Brooklyn Bridge by an Arab cab driver who just happened to have an Uzi under his seat and decided to fire three sets of rounds into a school bus filled with Jewish students returning from a trip to the hospital to visit and pray for their Rebbe. My older son spent his 16th birthday going to the funeral for Ari who was killed. Something I remembered today while talking to a friend, something I try not to think on myself as it was a hard time for us all to go through. But, today my son takes his son and daughter to the museum on holidays to play, to enjoy and to learn. It is a legacy. It's a sad story but a fun place and you can even get a nice meal at Mendy's Deli.

Listen, I was sick today with a lot of time and too much on my mind. And, memories of many things. Friends from Long Beach, California are posting pictures from an old yearbooks from the Hebrew Academy. Wild pics from the 80s when we all had big hair and we were so young. Talked to my son today on why we named him Schneur Zalman and the significance of Yud Tes Kislev. I remember his pregnancy well. I also remember having Ari's mother (classmate, same age from Crown Heights) come and talk on her son's death while I held Zalmy as a baby at a Neshei program I was putting on. It was then today a time when it's hard to picture moving on and getting over the horror and yet it's a reminder that we do move on but only if we go forward and build and continue on with a mission that those who have been taken from us were not able to continue doing. We continue to live for them and our children continue on where we leave off.

So... if you are going up north to see your family, your grandchildren or just visit the many sights New York has to offer while it's relatively empty as any New Yorker who can afford a trip on Jet Blue is already in Miami. Come on.. New York in Winter, lit up for the holidays, busy and bustling, all those museums and libraries and skating at Rockefeller Center. Add on a trip to the Jewish Children's Museum.

As for me... after I see my family and before I can make it up Kingston I will make a bee line for Apple Drugs on the corner of Crown and Kingston! Boy, could I use Apple Drugs now...

Taken today and posted online... look at the snow on the awning!

So, that's it for me.. am trying to watch some hook up at home and online and drink my water, my tea and get better so that I can go up north to the cold of NC or Brooklyn sometime soon...

Sick in bed today, snow in NY... Wish I was there.

Thanks for all the well wishes, I am getting slowly better. Really.

Good video below of Devora Halberstam speaking on how wonderful this country can be sometimes and the Museum.

I'm sick, I am rambling..there are no hurricanes today in my world to write on and neither is there snow so I am thinking on many things. I was thinking on the reality that some of Gavriel Holzberg's classmates and friends were on that van that was fired on as it was crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. Terror and violence has touched that group of men and women who are now 29 and 30. He was no innocent thing that did not know that danger could come into his life by doing what he was doing, by being what he was being. He had seen it up close and personal when Ari Halberstam was killed in 1994. Rabbi Gavriel Holzberg was reading a book on how to deal with terrorism before he was murdered, the book sat in the mess on the table next to their bed. That class, my son's class has seen much horror in their short lives and yet they go on, we all go on. Friends of Rivka Holzberg said she hoped to go to New York when she was due in a few months.. she didn't get back there. It's a sobering thought, sad... yet one day Moishe her son will grow up and he will go, he will know, he will continue on.

We focus on the future not the past and we live in the present. We must never forget when wrongs are done but we must do our job to do right and good in the world.

So... when God gives you lemons.. make lemonade and if all you have left is the pit, plant the pit. As children know... when God gives you snow.. grab some snow and build a snowman :)

Snowy, somber, deep thoughts while trying to rest in distant Miami.

Accentuate the positive... enjoy life. Serve the Lord With Joy!

Check out the cutie enjoying a day at the museum ;)

Yes, I was very sick today but my body and mind obviously needed a chance to recharge I suppose ..thank you for reading along as a I muse on life and weather and think on the greater meaning and purpose of Yud Tes Kislev!

Take care of yourselves ... Bobbi
Stay well!


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