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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Seattle's Green Decision Keeps Them In the White ... Day 3 Chanukah

I wanted to mention a story that across many parts of America we have not heard much about and is really very timely in that it is about an American city that has decided to hold by certain green standards and worrying on the ecological system of Puget Sound decided not to salt the roads. Was this a purely ecological decision or possible a financial one? Not sure but it looks like the Ice Age has come to the world of Puget Sound and hope the salmon are appreciative.

Green Decision but it has left Seattle with a White Dilemma.

You see Seattle is not really used to snow. Because of it's odd climatological history it is prone to rain.. much like Miami even though it is so far north. There are many places to read about this on the Internet but trust me Virgina.. Seattle does not get snow like this often. And...usually it melts faster.

They don't have the snow plows that Chicago or Minnesota does and because they are one of those areas in America that tries to live more in concert with their ecological beliefs ...they have decided not to salt. The city has worked overtime trying to keep the main roads open but that has left people living out in the suburbs, up in the hills or out in the country stranded for days. Some people have not had mail for a week now... no Christmas Cards, no bills, no Chanukah Gelt from Aunt Miriam.. nada, nothing. They are snowed in. Even after Wilma when we were without electric and telephone we were able to get the mail going.

Was this a good decision or a bad one? Time will tell ...but people will remember the end days of 2008 as a time when Seattle's decision to live by their Green policies kept them in a white, white world of winter with more snow on the way.

Great book... one of the best ever written on America. If you have ANY interest in geography, weather, history, politics or economics get a copy and read it today. As true today as it was when it was written back in the early 80s.

So... I just want you all to know that even though you may bitch about the snow, the ice and the cold frigid winds... some people are snowed in and running out of things to bake, things to make and are tired of waking up to roads that are unable to be plowed and who cannot get down into town to celebrate the holidays.

And, for those of us in Miami who are arguing over why the AC has to be on SOO cold in our buildings that seem to have archaic air conditioners that do not have thermostats.. the Air Conditioning wars go on. I am keeping leggings at work now. I put them on when cold along with my Postville socks and then when I go out to Lincoln Road to get coffee, lunch or to shop.. I take them all off. It's like some South Beach Strip ... how windy will it be outside? Are the clouds out or is the sun out? Such problems we have in the land of the eternal summer far across the country from a city that is living in a white world of winter and sticking to their green policies.

Then again... there is a town in Iowa that has dumped donated, old garlic salt on their roads figuring I suppose that will help preserve them and season them just a little bit longer.

As for Chanukah... a very special menorah lighting took place at the Statue of Liberty last night. People came from all over to watch the menorah be lit.. just as they have come from all over the world to live in this great, beautiful country we call America. From Sea to Shining sea.. it is the land of liberty, home of the Brave...

May God Bless America Always...

Happy Chanukah, Bobbi


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