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Monday, December 22, 2008

On the 1st Day Of Chanukah... Chilly Across the Nation

Only one thing you can do about it.. grab some Absolute Vodka, find some friends, fry some latkes and light a menorah and be happy.

I'm going to work. Taking my meds. Done trying to figure out when my family can get together for a Chanukah get together when there are so many people involved and not enough days in Chanukah for it all and I am wheezy still and my brother is woozy after running into a sliding glass door at his friend's house last night at their Chanukah party. Lord..all that money and the mansion in Boca and he couldn't put some little Snoopy and Woodstock stickers on the sliding glass doors??

So..enjoy this potpourri of online Chanukah shtick and remember to give gelt (money) to your kids, chocolate gelt to your friends and charity to those who need.

Love and Kisses... Bobbi, wishing she had a video of the party that her brother went to last night to post instead ;)

A for Effort :)

B for Bobbi lol

C for Chanukah Latkes ;)

D for Dreidel

Check back for E F and G if you dare ;)

Besos Bobbi


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