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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life, Love and Music...

Home sick, watching youtube. Hey it's blocked at work... so may as well enjoy.

Remembering the moments of my life. My best friends, boy friends, all the men I've loved and the moments that made me smile and make my world truly rock. :)

So, forgive me for being off topic weather wise but I am confined to bed and not much to do but video chat and listen to youtube and sip drinks and take my meds which are making me VERY hyper ...

As for weather... it's snowing in Seattle and no NOT going there ;)

Did you know you can play on youtube ALL day... really.

one of the best song and dance scenes in history by a man in a musical..

best song in the world, better than McArthur Park lol

i was young, made a big impression :) great, great song..dusty

best chase scene in a movie...

Emotionally healed. No not Healey lol.

We all get older but Peter gets better ;)

For the Red Sox and Fenway Park even beautiful in the winter wearing icicles

"cheer up sleepy jean oh what can it mean to a daydream believer and a homecoming queen..."

Ditching homecoming for a drive in was better than the last scene in The Graduate and the first time I ever heard American Pie .... thank you Joseph..

To my Superman ;) (love the red shirt Clark) "you picked me up and put me on solid ground.."

love this under appreciated song

Jimmy and the way I remember him at THE FLICK :)

Moving on...

As my boyfriend says, even a broken watch is right twice a day :)

where my mind goes these days...

weather, love and music

;) Sick but thankful for such a wonderful world...


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