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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays.... A Gift For You All.. A Special Song called Chasoif

Okay, winter tried to come to Miami yesterday when it began raining finally. A gray sort of cloud cover moved in from the Ocean, a sort of windy, wintery marine layer and it began to rain. It looked wintery and it was definitely wet but besides stranding me on Lincoln Road when I went out in search of Starbucks and strong coffee.. it wasn't much compared to what most of you are going through up north and across the country. It is still training in so it may rain some more today. It might snow in Greece my brother said. Where ever you are this morning.. hope you are happy, healthy and enjoying your much deserved day off. Whether you are enjoying the 4th day of Chanukah or Christmas... I hope you will enjoy this very special song below. And, well if you are Wiccan.. just enjoy your breakfast in bed this morning and enjoy the weather.

This is a song that was put together by a diverse group of people in the Jewish Music World in honor of the people who were brutally murdered in Mumbai, India. My son Sruly had an idea, an inspiration, a need to *DO* something and he got together with some of the most talented people he is friends with who gave of their time and energy during a very busy time of year to produce this beautiful song. It is free here and online on many Jewish sites across the country, across the world. Listen to it, enjoy it, may it bring you some comfort as only music can and inspire you to donate to one of the several charities set up for the families of the people who were murdered and to rebuild the Chabad House in Mumbai.

Enjoy... even if you don't understand Hebrew.. it is the most beautiful melody and music moves you whether you understand the words or not.. it speaks to the soul.

Have a beautiful day where ever you find yourself today,

Besos and Blessings.. Bobbi

Ps..the story of how this song came together is on the website below. has a link as well... as many other sites do today.


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