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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

From Seattle to South Beach

Sitting here this morning listening to the birds sing and wondering when it is going to cool off noticeably in the Miami area. I have to go to work, figure out what to wear and what to make for dinner tonight. Possibly Southern Fried Chicken or Veggie Latkes.. just not sure.

But, been watching pics of ice and snow up north and even our meager cool front is barely going to lower the temps round here. Which is good.. seeing as tourists will come down, spend money and pump some energy into the economy and it wouldn't be fair for them to spend all that money and not be able to go to the beach.. right?

We'll see. I have a feeling winter has one strong punch for Miami later this season.

So... just wanted to post a few pictures to remind us we are all one, whether watching the snow fall through decorated windows or under the sun staring up at the big menorah made of shells on South Beach, we are all one enjoying the same beautiful holiday even if our weather is as diverse as we are as people.

Find your favorite city and see what kind of menorah they are lighting.. to find out the weather in your area.

And, if you live in the Miami-South Beach area and want to enjoy a spectacular night of Chanukah Fun... check out this event coming up on Sunday Night. If you have never been to the Jewish Museum on South Beach you are really missing something.. it is an amazing place. It tells the story of Jews in the Florida area over time with photos and exhibits. Seeing as how my great-grandparents lived in Key West, Quincy and Tampa before Miami became civilized enough for people to actually live here all year round... it has a special place in my heart as it tells the story of my heritage both Floridian and Jewish.

Be well..stay warm or don't stay too warm depending on the weather where ever you are..

Besos and Happy Chanukah!


and Wednesday night is a party at Chabad of FIU :)


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