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Sunday, December 21, 2008

FINS WIN! "Coldest Game I've Ever Played In"

Chad Pennington in an interview, "don't think I've been any colder in my entire life.

The boys from Florida went up to the frigid cold of Kansas City and played their heart out, did not give up and won the game. A long drive in the second half helped to stop the see-saw scoring in the first half. And, the


And now... Chad Pennington goes back to New York in a scenario only football could write. He faces the team that let him go so he could come to Miami and help the Miami Dolphins turn their team around into a team competing for a place in the Playoffs.. and he will have to face the player who replaced him.

You can't write drama this good.. this is why football is one of the most fascinating games in the world.

On October 5th, 2008 I wrote in my blog that I didn't see why it wasn't possible that the team that put the Wild Cat formation back into play couldn't compete for a wild card slot.

"They do to me... they look like the Dolphins I always loved and always will. Love comes again this year in 2008 and wondering how many games we will win and what our impossible chances are for even making it into the Wild Card Slot using the Wild Cat Formation :)

Who knows? Sometimes dreams do come true ;) if you only believe..."

Somebody get those boys back in the Miami sunshine and help them thaw out ;)

Wow, we won. Gosh victory is sweet and just sitting here smiling!

Happy Chanukah Miami ;)


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