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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dolphins Beat Jets.. Win the Division.. Playoff Bound


In the most amazing turn around in football history that I can remember or be witness to the Miami Dolphins who barely won a game last year ... won their division and tickets for the playoffs go on sale tomorrow!

Not the wild card like I said back in October was possible but we friggin won the division.

And, what drama... no game was so exciting as watching Pennington return to the place where he won so many games and face the quarterback they chose to replace him.

My son was right.. the Jets gave up a winning franchise quarterback to take a chance with a fading star and they made a bad decision. But, that silver lining was all Miami's as he became a Miami Dolphin, delegated to a team that would have been considered to have a good year if we won 5 or 6 games... and instead he helped the new coach and his new team mates play an almost picture perfect season! Calm, cool and collected... as professional as it gets he played an incredible season.

And... it all game down to that last game... where as football fate would have it he had to face the man who replaced him one more time... one last time... and he played beautifully as he did all year.

Favre who I have always liked had a bad game, 3 interceptions and a lack luster performance that ended in two final free fall all attempts at a miracle.

The Dolphins didn't rely on miracles. They played steady football, strong defense, strong special teams, good offense and made few mistakes and in the end for all of the excitement over Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams and Joey Porter it was Chad Pennington's game..and he won it!

Great coaching! Great playing! Great Caesars Ghost!! WE WON :)

Love it.. wild, so great.. so beautiful!

Happy Chanukah Miami! football wonderland ..alive and well and watching her Miami Dolhpins go to the Friggin' Playoffs!


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