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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Marco Maintains Tropical Storm Status - Is El Nino Hiding in the Wings?

Marco has been maintaining tropical storm status nicely and is quite strong within it's 4 or 5 nautical mile wide area. This beach in Tuxpan could feel it if it passes overhead. Pretty beach for lovers to walk down..or for loners to walk down, which ever you are .. a lover or a loner it's still a beautiful beach.

Marco is what is called a Midget Cyclone. No jokes. Really.

"midget tropical cyclone—A tropical cyclone with a radius to the outermost closed isobar of 100– 200 km.

These cyclones can support hurricane-force winds with central pressures significantly higher than larger storms."

The above definition is from the AMS Glossary. It's a weather thing.. American Meteorological..

Anyways... it's going to move towards land. Small systems like this are not easily affected by steering currents so the path will not vary much from what is expected.

Small little red dot in the Bay of Campeche but it's there and the NHC attended to it as they should. Listen it's like looking at a thumbtack on the floor. It's a small, small little thing and can go unnoticed for days, weeks but should you happen to step on it..that little pointed object can really hurt and get your attention. Small or Huge it's nice to know the NHC is busy doing their thing.

Another interesting tibdit of trivia here I am going to mention is that their has been a lot of activity in the Puerto Rico area and Caribbean of minor earthquake activity. I checked to see if there was anything in Mexico and again this season noticed how much minor activity is in going on around Puerto Rico. Not sure if this is a prelude to something or just normal shifting and shuffling of the earth's surface down there. Like a dance..

As for trends... the epac is busy and there are tropical systems off the West Coast of Mexico. There is also a slight rise in sea surface temperatures there. And, this strong ongoing flow from SW to NE across the Caribbean/Atlantic region that is there even without strong frontal boundaries.

Very indicative if you ask me of El Nino... about to come out of hiding.

I don't know. I read a lot of academic meteorological stuff ;) I watch graphs. I hear the pros and the cons. Mention El Nino and it's like starting a Presidential Debate. Everyone has an opinion. This to me is a sort of gut feeling based on what I am seeing that we are moving out of a neutral phase towards an El Nino phase.

We'll see. Supposed to form as we enter into the Winter season which is why it is called El Nino. "The name El Niño, from the Spanish for "the little boy", refers to the Christ child, because the phenomenon is usually noticed around Christmas time in the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of South America.[1] " From Wiki...

When I was in school that was the answer we gave in meteorology class. The little boy who shows up around Christmas time like Christmas Lights lighting up the East Pacific however sometimes it doesn't go away when it's time to take the lights down.

We'll see.. only time will tell.

(oopsie lol mercury retrograde.. wrong Tell lol wrong William lol) giggling

Besos Bobbi


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