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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update Video on Galveston.. Some Good News

Taking a sort of break to sift through all the post Ike Coverage. I have a lot of thoughts and annoyed at the way a lot of things have been handled but will write on them when I have more time and more facts.

1.. The way the "look and leave" program was run.

2.. The refusal to let people back into areas where there is not bad damage to protect their property. Let them sign a "enter at your own risk" paper and move on.

3.. The ridiculousness of saying anyone staying on Galveston Island faces certain death. Parts of Galveston were safe just as parts of Miami Beach would be safe though bad, bad, bad night and day of hurricane hell but they would not be Gone With the Wind by a strong Cat 2.

Video of Galveston that shows thankfully not all of it has been blown away or destroyed and what the media isn't showing as it sells more pictures to show the destruction.

Good news.. windows not boarded up made with hurricane glass.. not broken, suffered little damage.

I'll be back with more later when I have time.

Catching up with life before the next assault from the Tropics.

Besos Bobbi

Ps... What this shows us is the necessity of a sea wall.. had Bolivar Peninsula have had a sea wall they may have been saved much of the tragic devastation.


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