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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friday In the Tropics Quiet Today, Trouble Tomorrow?

We have a small breather in the tropics today to catch our breath. Those living in areas affected by Ike are still in the clean up and recovery phase of life. Well, the clean up will go on for some time but they are getting a clue this weekend what they will have to do over the next few months and year. Other places further to the East are getting their power back and having boil water orders lifted it seems.

People in Florida are constantly talking on what a "bullet" they missed with Ike and hoping the gun will not be loaded again this season but think it's too early to dream those dreams.

Get some rest this weekend if you live in an area not affected by Ike.

Give money to some relief agency of your choice. Maybe I'll try to post a few good links later today. If you live in the Miami area you can easily drop of clothes you no longer want or wear to agencies collecting to send more than just food to Haiti.

In the tropics there are a few areas that could pop in a few days. The wave going through the leeward islands now may pop when it is a bit further west. There is a weird frontal boundary of some kind off the coast of Florida that I don't trust and have heard more than rumblings of thunder... have heard it could possibly develop close in so it's worth watching.

Just because it looks quiet today does not mean we have a free pass for the rest of the week or month because Ike hit... just the opposite, it's the peak of the season and things will start spinning again.

So, if you have been hitting the hurricane supplies this week while watching the stork market with frazzled nerves you better head back to the food market, check out some sales and restock your hurricane supplies!

Good Shabbos, be well and now is a good time to give thanks you are alive and many of the most valuable things in life are free such as love, nature, flowers, butterflies and the quiet beautiful sea.

Besos Bobbi


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