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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fins Win! Ronnie Brown & Joey Porter Deliver

And, Chad Pennington played well too! :)

Well... for the first time in over 21 games. The Fins beat the New England Patriots!

Go figure.

And, have to think seriously on how if you believe you can .. maybe you can!

Yes... the coach gets his first win! We get our first win! Love it! Really love it!

But, Miami had two great Chads and we have a running game.. Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams and... Porter delivered and did his share in today's win! Wasn't really just a win, was more like shutting them down. Had they not had that great run back the score probably would have been 2 field goals.

So.. I go back a few days and watch how everyone was talking about Joey Porter predicting this win.

The question asked was "Can Someone Remind Joey Porter That He Plays For The Dolphins"

Well.. he knows and he's happy, can promise you that! It's a team to build on, to build with and to try and believe in.

I kept thinking all morning... they could win, they could be underestimated.. happens. Any given Sunday is what my father always told me. I didn't dare say it out loud, wrote something sad on my facebook and all but... deep down I thought to myself.. they could win if New England doesn't properly prepare and takes a win for granted and we play well.

We won... now what? Wow, do I feel good. Telling you a win is better than 2 Tylenol Sinus and a half of darvocet :)

Yup... we won!

As for the system in the Caribbean.. it's a work in progress as well ;)

"So if it's not Tom Brady, it shouldn't be that hard...It'll be good to go out there and get our first victory." Porter announced the Dolphins defense is going to come after Cassel."
(good read)

As far as I am concerned.. Ronnie Brown who broke records today should be given the Key to the City of Miami.

The coach ain't bad either... great creativity with this win that had most members of the team taking a part in..

Wow.. we won! ;)

For Jay:

(yeah i saw it lol, who cares we won..)


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