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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tropical Storm Hanna Forms and Gustav Hangs on and Heads West


Well, well..what a day in the Tropics! What a show they are putting on? Two and possibly three systems are spinning just as models a while back had promised. Get those models a gold medal. Does Canada get the Tropical Gold here I wonder?

Here's a picture you don't see often and for a good reason!

First let's talk about Gustav. Unlike Fay, Gustav does not do land well. The good news for him is that once he ispast Jamaica he will have lots of running room to intensify over very hot water.That is, by the way... bad news for the cities he may visit down the line.

Gustav seems to have some problems with dry air as his eye tries to develop there is still some problem there I can't figure out due to lack of time and trying to figure out Hanna as she will be a Florida system and I am sorry to my friends to the north but Hanna is my priority for now. Watching both spin though, awesome..

Gustav is a fighter, I think he'll fight it off and once in that area of extreme latent heat to his wns he will thrive, he will survive and we will worry indeed on if he hits the loop current or which city he will reach with his eventual landfall.

Til then, it's a day for watching the tropics spin. Tropical Gustav, trying to get back up to Hurricane Gustav and Tropical Storm Hanna battling shear from the ULL that is enhancing it and trying to keep it weak at the same time.

As for Hanna, she is a large system that has maintained herself (formerly Invest 95) and been hanging around and refusing to take the fish route out to sea. She could be a massive problem to both Florida and the Gulf of Mexico later. When that ULL lets up she will blow up faster. IF Gustav becomes Gustav The Terrible than his outflow may hold her down a little bit both in size and track which is good for the Carolinas but not so good for Florida.

It will be an amazing ballet between these two storms that are fighters and have
survived negative influences and weak steering currents for a while now.

As always with these systems, what does not kill them only makes them stronger!

Be back later, busy at work and just taking a quick coffee break to write while sipping down my coffee!


At 11:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Bobbi. What happens to those people in both they have circulating winds? Both rotating counterclockwise and bump up against each other...scary thought. Has this happened before in your memory?


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