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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Morning - Gustav & Jamaica

Nothing to add to last night's post other than he looks better, the convection seems to be building steadily and to keep watching him and keep tuned to updates from the NHC on his steady progress back up to Hurricane status.

The big question is where he and Jamaica collide or not. He could continue go south of Jamaica, some models indicate that and others do not.

Short term.. he is building.

Long term.. if he gets into the Gulf he will have no problems building into anything he wants.

He still has to get there and has miles to go before he sleeps.

Stay tuned and up to date on Gustav as well as a storm called Hanna possibly forming to his east in the Atlantic.

Do not lose sight of the big picture while watching cones for Gustav.

Hanna could be out there lurking.

Look both ways when you cross the street and the same goes for watching the tropics.

Have a beautiful day.. Bobbi


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