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Thursday, August 28, 2008

TD8 - Soon to Be HANNA .. Headed West to Florida do you like her now should be the question.
How do you like her now, now that she's on her way?

Got two storms on the map and both are headed towards a date with a populated metropolitan area.

Time they upgraded the area being investigated on the NRL site to TD 8 and imagine it should be upgraded to Tropical Storm Hanna later today.

Got a mean cone and hopefully not a hard heart.

So..while Gustav finds his groove down in Jamaica land all eyes turn east, or at least the right eye as Floridians wake up and find themselves a day away from being in the cone of a very large system headed west bound trapped under a strong high. And, if Gustav grows in intensity it will act as a magnet for Hanna to follow after him.

Oh... gee, where would Hanna go AFTER Florida? Inquiring minds want to know or not. Because she would be Gulf of Mexico bound. Think she's gonna steal a few headlines from Gustav and she's wondering how do you like me now? (click for song)


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