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Friday, August 29, 2008

Salty Kisses, High Waves and Sunny Days on Hollywood Beach. Tropical Storm Watch Up for Lower Keys

Incredibly beautiful day in Miami today. Sunny, way too hot with that heavy subsidence feel to the air and wind, a steady growing breeze. Went out and took care of family things and then later went to the beach with my boyfriend. Left the phone and the sidekick in the car and told my brother no I could NOT call my mother one more time and tell her she won't be alone in the hurricane as I was going swimming. I have told her at least 4 times.

The beach was as choppy as I have ever seen it. Steady waves, swells more than wells slamming onto the beach. Foamy even. Never seen it that way without a hurricane much close which leads me to believe that Hanna is much closer to being a hurricane than the current forecast. If this is not a hurricane by 5AM tomorrow I would be shocked. Yes ... there was a pressure gradient but the gradient would not be that strong if there were not two for tango!

Unreal strong flow out there. Never seen waves like that with pea green water and white foam against a soft blue sky with sailboats far off in the distance. Picture perfect.

As for the storms..

Gustav has been upgraded to a hurricane and he will intensify sooner rather than later. The track will begin to be pulled to the right I believe over the next few days. Bit, by bit. Tropical Storm Watch for the Lower Florida Keys. If they thought this was going to pull right they left they wouldn't be worrying on the Florida Keys.. any of them. Well, the winds will be so strong and he will grow in size and that will put Tropical Storm force winds further from his center but trust me on this.. the track will be pulled to the right now left.

Hanna... 50 mph and moving to the WNW at 10. Miami is on the very edge of the cone. Smart move, do not scare people .. "enjoy the weekend and keep a close eye" is the news from Channel 4. Trust me.. I think we are going to get this storm. Something from it. Was a feeling, in the water, sand in every part of my body and my skin covered in salt spray and the poor little pelicans standing on the beach barely flying around.

Gonna get windier there too! Can't wait to go for a walk Saturday night :)

Hollywood Beach... nothing like it.

As for the wave out by Africa... looking good, give it a green light for slow development.

Yup... was a great afternoon at Hollywood Beach. Felt like a kid again :) Looked like one too! And... felt the call of Hanna in the wind and on the waves.

Time to think seriously on Hanna and time to wonder on what surprises Gustav will have for us in his chart.

SW seems to be this years black ;)

Besos Bobbi


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