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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Midnight Update - Gus Is Breathing

His movement to the WSW really put some room between him and Haiti and is giving him some running room. Course he needs not to crash into Jamaica but for now it's keeping him alive so a sneaky trick and smart.

As I have said there has been high dry air to his north and northwest on his left side and the only way out was to go south of west and he took it.

As I said earlier on Hurricane City Message Board... he has to really bulk up and develop a real eye. He was barely a storm before he got into the ring with Haiti and the steering currents from hell. He needs more than a few hours at the gym, he needs to really bulk up and get a real eye going if he wants to survive and do his thing in the ultimate ring called the Gulf of Mexico.

Look at him though, he's trying. He's a fighter.

Look at that convection flaring up around his center.

And... if you want to see some real crazy wild model development watch South Florida get slammed by 95 and Gustav get his Gulf Coast Hit!!Wind%20850%20and%20mslp!168!North%20America!pop!

Bonus link...good key to reading maps:


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