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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Busy Tropics.. Busy House...................

Not much to add of value here except to say it's been a very busy day in the tropics.

Gustav is down in Jamaica where he wasn't supposed to be a few days ago and doing quite well all things considered.

The death toll in Haiti is rising and I'll post it later when it's done climbing. Sad, but true. One day with a stalled out Tropical Storm can cause great misery in Haiti. In Miami or Houston people complain, they get flooded and their lives get messed up. In Haiti the mountains turn to liquid rivers of mud and flow down onto the plains were people live in poorly built homes and the countryside becomes a sea of mud. The rivers of mud do not flow slowly but in torrents of flash floods where the earth moves like it is alive and everything in it's path gets picked up and swept away.

As for Hanna she is struggling with the Upper Level Low to her east and she will struggle with it a while. She's on back burner for a day or two but she will be a player in a few days, possibly next week. Her track has one certainity in it, it's uncertainity. She will meander, bobble and loop and cause forecasters busy with Gustav more misery.

This seems to be the season of looping storms that won't go away.

There is a system in the Western Gulf aka Bay of Campeche that may or may not develop but it's evolution today has been fascinating.

And to the east... there is a new wave off of Africa, a beautiful tightly wound little wave that has that look ...

So many players, so many loops, so many, don't know where to look first.

Kept two or three screens up for a while at work as people passed by and asked what I thought. I told them... we could have a storm next week but maybe not. Maybe Hanna will be kind??

As for me my front lawn looks like a used car lot. There are so many cars parked out there with people coming and going. You couldn't write a movie better than this :P and I mean that. So much drama going on here with all the players, it's like the tropics.. busy, tumultuous and always changing.

Remember one thing about Gustav.. not one model that I am aware of took Gustav to Jamaica and I mean this was a real mistake in the models. Why?

As for the windfield I posted earlier someone asked me if that can happen?

Sure it can.. anything in the tropics can happen but it probably won't. The timing will be off and when Gustav is to my left Hanna will be further away to the right.
I think.

Reminds me of that Jimmy Buffett song Fins.. except the lyrics should be:

Can't you feel 'em circlin' honey?
Can't you feel 'em swimmin' around?
You got storms to the left, storms to the right,
and you're the only bait in town.


At 4:56 PM, Blogger fishing said...

I am with you on that Jimmy Buffet song Bobbi... storms to your left, storms to your right... and really wouldnt want to be the only bait in town. :( for MSY... let the models be WRONG. prayers to all.


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