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Thursday, August 28, 2008

7 MPH Gustav & Hanna

Brief little post.

Thought it was worth mentioning that both systems are going 7 mph. Seven. I don't think that's a coincidence as much as whatever is steering one is influencing the steering of the other. Weak, slow steering currents..

Secondly, both storms show models that pull to the left, south of west another words. Several models show Gustav pulling off to the left/west and possibly even going south of west. Hanna has her Betsy style loop or lunge SW.

Strong highs, wherever the weakness develops in those highs is a pathway to hell. And, noticed something tonight that didn't thrill me but will hold off from mentioning it until tomorrow. Hoping after a good night's sleep I won't notice it again.

Also, timing issue has not been settled. Gustav's models pull back from the speeding bullet track they were advertising for the last few days when he gets to the Gulf.

So... had a nice evening tonight. Ran off with my boyfriend and escaped the house and the madness and went out for ice cream in Dania and then took a nice walk on the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk. Beautiful, balmy breeze. Not too hot considering it was 85 at 5pm. Beautiful. You could smell the salt air, the breeze on my face, lifting and tugging at my skirt. Strong.. out of the SE.. ESE maybe. Yup, hurricane weather and high pressure.. But, really it is so beautiful here at night and you realize how easily it can all be blown away. Makes you appreciate it more if possible on a balmy, breezy, tropical night like tonight.

Will update tomorrow. Not much more to say until Gustav pulls free from Jamaica and Hanna escapes from the ULL. Shame Hanna can't take a walk on the boardwalk. My gosh, it was so beautiful that would you believe a big FPL sort of truck pulled up right behind us on the beach and parked itself there to I suppose ??? enjoy the sites of the beach before they have to come back and board up, hunker down and put it all back together again.

Both seven mph.. something to think on... slow and lazy summer days or what's left of summer anyway.

Sweet dreams, Bobbi


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